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Atari launches the VCS and makes video game history (so much so that now it’s back)

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In the history of video games there are some milestones and one is based on October 14, 1977. That day in the United States Atari launched the first Video Computer System, known as VCS, and later as Atari 2600. In fact, one of the first consoles, the one that popularized video games by making them leave the niche of fans where they were. Behind there was Atari, the company created in 1972 by Nolan Bushnell with Ted Dabney, whose rise and failure (in 1992) tell very well the power of innovation and also the speed with which it disappears when making bad choices (we’ll talk about it again, I promise).

The VCS was a good choice even if it took a while to be successful on the market but in the 80s it became the very synonym of videogame. A myth. It was on the market, with several updates, until 1992, an infinite time in consumer electronics. But it was ahead of its time: it was a true console, like the ones we are now in terms of functionality, and according to a tally made in 2004 Atari sold 30 million units. In fact it was the idea of ​​the personal computer applied to videogames: instead of playing in some public place using arcades, you could do it at home where you could change the game by changing the cartridge.

Now there are several consoles and very successful ones: for this reason the relaunch, a few months ago, of an Atari VCS where you can play all the great Atari classics (a hundred) was greeted with some skepticism. Troubled story: project announced on Indiegogo in 2018 (three million dollars, the collection), the first ones had to be delivered in 2019 and instead it has only been possible for a few months to buy, in the United States, the revised and corrected version of a great classic that made the history of video games.

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