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Attention to the throat: the new symptoms of the Omicron variant of Covid

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With the passing of the weeks, the information available on the Omicron variant of Covid increases and what would seem to be the new symptoms characteristic of this form of the virus.

Based on the data collected and analyzed up to the beginning of December, it seems that the Omicron variant of Covid mainly manifests itself with anomalous symptoms. If with the traditional form of the virus and with the Delta variant we have paid particular attention to fever, taste, smell and cold, with the new variant it seems that the concentration must shift to the throat.

One of the new symptoms of the Omicron variant would indeed be a discomfort in the throat. Not a strong pain but a sense of scratched throat. According to experts, this would be one of the characteristic symptoms of the new variant. And this obviously doesn’t help. Throat discomfort is very common especially during the winter season, when we frequently move between cold places and very hot places.

Among the common symptoms for example cough or loss of taste and smell do not appear, which would not therefore be reliable alarm bells as regards this new variant destined, according to the health authorities, to soon become the dominant form in circulation.

The characteristics of the new variant

As for the features of the new variant, we have good news and bad news. The bad news is that Omicron spreads quickly, has the ability to re-infect, and overcomes the protection of two-dose vaccinated individuals fairly easily (as far as Pfizer vaccinates are concerned).

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The good news is that the new variant looks much less aggressive and mostly brings mild symptoms. In fact, there is currently a considerable increase in new cases linked to Omicron but there is no uncontrolled increase in hospitalizations in the medical area and in intensive care. Furthermore, again based on data provided by Pfizer, three doses of the vaccine appear to be able to neutralize the new variant.


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