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12/04/2023 – The Sala Baganza Health House and wideper grow in services e become a Community House. The inauguration of the construction site represents the first step of the intervention which will end in the spring of 2025 and which sees an investment of 1 million and 236 thousand euros, entirely financed by Mission 6 funds of the PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan). The expansion of the Casa della Salute involves the construction of a new building behind the current structure, which will therefore be able to accommodate more and new services, so as to render the entire Community House complex. Il ground on which the building will be built is owned by Municipality of Sala Baganza which granted the Local Health Authority the right to surface, free of charge, for a period of forty years, renewable for a further thirty.

The new Community house was born to continue to respond in this way increasingly qualified for the health needs of the citizens of Sala Baganza (just under 6 thousand people), but also for the benefit of all citizens of the South-East district (approximately 78 thousand people), with the creation of the COT, Territorial Operations Centrea new organizational tool with functions of connection between health services (territorial, social-healthcare and hospital) and the emergency-urgency system, also through information and telemedicine tools.

On Monday 4 December, at the inauguration of the construction site they were present with Massimo Fabi e Aldo Spina, Giordano Bricoli, president of the South-East District Committee; for the Local Health Authority, Giovanni Gelminidirector of the South East district, Nicoletta Piazzadirector of the South-East district primary care unit, Elena CavatoreTechnical Activities service, the professionals of the Casa della Salute in Sala Baganza; representatives of institutions and local volunteers.

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“It is an important day because we are expanding this House of Healthunderlined the extraordinary commissioner of the ASL Massimo Fabi – already a point of reference for the citizens of Sala Baganza for years. The construction site opens today, respecting the timing of the project presented within Mission 6 of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. One million and 200 thousand euros are the resources allocated to this expansion, which are added to the 80 thousand euros of the Territorial Operations Center that is already being built within the current structure”.

The mayor of Sala Baganza and vice-president of the South East District Committee Aldo Spina, stated that “the physical expansion of the current Casa della Salute represents a significant investment for an intervention that we are particularly keen on, which will allow us to further strengthen extremely important services in the area. It will guarantee new, larger and more comfortable spaces for family doctors, but there will also be spaces for nursing staff and also, as part of the renovation of the current building, for professionals and specialists who can come directly from the hospital.”


The new building will have a single floor and will cover an area of 422 square metersdivided into reception, waiting room, meeting room, clinics for general practitioners, archive, office, as well as four bathrooms, technical rooms and storage rooms. The new structure will therefore host group medicine currently made up of three professionals.

The works are entrusted to the Edilcostruzioni group srl company of Montorio al Vomano (TE).

In the premises of the Casa della Salute continue to be operational il dialysis center with six beds, the withdrawal point eh social services of the Municipality provided by Azienda Pedemontana Social. With the transfer of group medicine to the new building, rooms will remain available which will be used for specialist clinics, with an expansion of the range of services.

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In the current Casa della Salute, they are work is underway to build the COT which, as mentioned above, will perform a coordination and liaison function of the various local health, socio-health, hospital services and with the emergency-urgency network, to guarantee continuity, accessibility and integration of care. These jobs are also financed entirely with PNRR fundsfor a total amount of 80 thousand euros. The structural works of the COT, entrusted to Roberto Savani’s company RO.VI sas, will be completed at the end of the year and the power plant will come into operation next spring.

Please note that the clinic is located near the entire complex pediatrician of free choicethe residence for the elderly Villa Benedetta and the pharmacy that also guarantees the CUP service (booking of visits and specialist tests).

Look at the project:

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