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06/16/2023 – It’s time to balance for the Department of Public Health of the Local Health Authority of Parmawhich in the just published annual “Health Report” tells all activity 2022 fielded by his own 265 professionals. It is a detailed description of the interventions carried out on the provincial territory for the protection of the health of the population and the environment, for the sanitary safety of food, production and livestock.

“Overcoming the health emergency from covid-19 – explains Paul Cozzolinodirector of the Department of Public Health – 2022 was the year of recovery. Although the first months were still dedicated to the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus, in 2022 the essential levels of assistance were guaranteed in all areas of our competence. Furthermore – concludes Cozzolino – the activities envisaged in the 2020-2025 Regional Prevention Plan have been ensured”.

“The Department of Public Health has not only ensured its institutional duties – he claims Massimo Fabiextraordinary commissioner of the Local Health Authority of Parma – but has also been able to take up the challenge introduced by ministerial decree 77 of 2022, putting its skills in support of local medicine. And this path that has already been taken is the same one that we continue to follow, with the aim of making the Community Houses structures increasingly capable of offering qualified, complete and proximity health care”.


The Department of Public Health through its services: Hygiene and public health, Prevention and safety in the workplace, Food hygiene and nutrition, Veterinarianimplements multiple prevention and control activitiesaimed at health protection of individuals and the community, in living and working environments, as well as guaranteeing food safety and animal health. As of 12/31/2022 they were 265 professionals of the Department of Public Health, of which: 34 doctors, 61 veterinarians, 3 engineers, 2 chemists, 126 prevention technicians and health assistants, 39 administrative and technical operators.

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Here are some of the main activities insured in 2022. The “Health Report of the Department of Public Health” is available on the website www.ausl.pr.it.


The area of ​​prophylaxis and infectious diseaseshe notified 144,130 infectious diseases, of which 140,368 attributable to the coronavirus. They have been carried out 20,968 epidemiological investigations e 1,438 interviews. Over the course of the year, they have been administered 73,734 vaccine doses (anticovid, flu, hepatitis a and b, pneumococcal, etc.), in favor of 34,661 people. As for the forensic medicinethe disability assessment boards assured 19,333 visits and 1,106 sessionswhile they have been 11.117 visit him for handicap certification and “law 104”, with 1,013 sessions.

ITACAREstructure for the protection of the territory and the built environment, carried out 1,842 checks on structures and plants (schools, gyms, beauty centres, hairdressers, tattoo artists, spas, hotels, etc.).


The activity of supervision involved 1,238 companiesof which 922 working in constructioncon 579 construction sites inspected. The specialized supervisory activity of the Accident Prevention Plant Operating Unit (Uoia) concerned 181 local units. They have been drafted 206 minutes, of which 181 for criminal statute of limitations, 1 for disposition and 19 for administrative sanctions; moreover, they were arranged 2 seizures and 3 releases. The 2022 proceeds for the payment of sanctions penalties have been inflicted by 381.670,75 euros and of 11.240,80 euros for the administrative sanctions. I opinions expressed on documentation sent by Companies, Municipalities, etc., on specific projects (production plants, toxic gases, etc.) have been 210. As regards the professional diseaseshave been 1,415 visits were made, of which 158 within the specialist occupational medicine clinic. Finally, the data relating to the accidents at work made available by INAIL and referring to the year 2021 they register an increase compared to 2020, but a decrease compared to the pre-pandemic years.


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The province of Parma is among the first districts for the production of food in Europe: for this reason the activity of prevention and food safety assumes a fundamental importance. With regard to the inspection activitythe service in charge SIAN has carried out 1.197 controls in companies of production, administration, distribution and trade of foods. During these inspections, 743 non-compliances were found and, among these, the most serious ones led to 10 suspensions from the activity, 44 fines, 3 warnings, 4 crime reports and 7 seizures for a total of 376 kilograms of food.

In order to verify the application of the law 55/2005 (iodised salt), they were checked 301 collective catering facilities, 186 from the traditional catering e 19 large retail outlets. For verifying the application of the Guidelines Celiac diseasehave been checked 301 school canteens, 15 restaurants and 10 processing plants.

They have been managed 891 certification procedures inherent in the sale and administration of food and beverages. They have been released 4.112 certificates for food export.

With regard to the control activity on the quality of water intended for human consumptionthe samples taken were 896. During the mushroom picking period, the mycological inspectorates they released 131 edibility certifications for self-consumption e 43 for the sale/administration of fresh wild mushrooms (236.5 kg of controlled mushrooms). The mycologists intervened on the occasion of 4 intoxication situations, which involved 7 people.

They have been made two health surveillance campaigns with the administration of mainly online questionnaires to pupils and families on the lifestyles adopted. The following 3 programs have been launched under the Regional Prevention Plan: Schools that promote health; Health foods, animals, environment; Healthy lifestyles: from promotion to management. The application of the Guidelines for the school catering highlighted the release of 66 opinions on diet tables and menus, responding to all requests received. A document for the correct nutrition of the elderly was created and distributed to all the Elderly Residence Centers (CRA) of the province. Dietetics and nutritional counseling clinic has registered 326 hitsequal to all the requests received: all the patients were started on the dietary path mainly of an educational nature.

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The checks carried out were planned on the basis of a risk analysis, so as to ensure a significant level of coverage in relation to the provisions of the national and regional Essential Levels of Assistance. With this in mind, the Veterinary Service checked 113 pig farms are 266 present in the area e 660 cattle farms are 1.424. Inspections on production processes (feeding, welfare, use of drugs, production hygiene, animal registry) in pig farms recorded 92 different situations of varying severity. For cattle farms, 282 discrepancies emerged from the checks.

However, in the vast majority (over 90%) of these cases, it is “minor” nonconformitieswhich therefore refer to conditions of maintenance or structural or management adaptation (for example, record keeping, documentation produced in self-monitoring, delays or failure to communicate) and do not directly affect food safety.

Inside the 288 meat processing plants present on the provincial territory, were conducted 7,410 checks and found discrepancies in 3% of the checks. The verification activity carried out in the repackaging plants: In this compound the controls have been carried out 4.009 with 3% of non-conformities found. They were controlled 208 dairies not 5,804 checks conducted identified non-compliant situations in 2% of cases. Also checked the animal welfare in livestock farms con 3.344 checks performed (and 2% of non-conformities found) and the pharmacovigilance in farmscon 1.053 checks ensured (and 2% of non-conformities found). In addition, 19,500 were issued export certificates: a documentation that allowed a 185 manufacturing plants of foods of animal origin in the province of Parma exporting local food products abroad. Among the most important non-European countries are the United States and Canada, but also Eastern countries such as South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong.

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