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AUSL Modena – Breastfeeding Week 2023, many events in the province and a collective flash mob

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AUSL Modena – Breastfeeding Week 2023, many events in the province and a collective flash mob

In all Districts i Consultants of the Local Health Authority offer support to new mothers both in the initial phase of breastfeeding and throughout the entire period with specialized consultancy. The midwives are available, by making an appointment, to support mothers, helping them to overcome difficult moments together and offering, if necessary, psychological support thanks to the specialists on duty in the clinics. Together with the local health authority, in the breastfeeding support network there are also various groups of mothers who, on a voluntary basis, help other mothers with breastfeeding, making themselves available ‘on an equal footing’.

Coming to the SAM, the program of the province of Modena is as always full of events, the program of the various Districts is being updated and available on the ASL Modena website on the page www.ausl.mo.it/settimana-allattamento-materno-2023. The highlight of the week will be the flash mob scheduled for Saturday 7 October in the main municipalities of the province: to find out where it will take place and at what time you can consult the ASL Modena web page dedicated to World Breastfeeding Week 2023.

During the week of October 1st to 7th in Modena health district various information meetings will be held including the one organized on 4 October at the Consultorio (viale Don Minzoni 121) ‘Drops of milk and rights. The rights of working mothers and fathers, before, during and after pregnancy’ with the intervention of the two equality councilors of the Province of Modena and a sociologist from the consultancy (online registration on the page www.ausl.mo.it/consultori). It should also be noted that from 1 to 7 October the clinic Mothers-children of the Consultancy in the Community House of Modena (Via Rita Levi Montalcini 200) will be open every morning from 9 to 12 and the midwives will answer (on the same days and times) on the number 059436030 for advice and appointments. Furthermore, from 2 to 6 October, the Community Paediatrics of Modena will offer a specialized telephone consultation on the topic of ‘breastfeeding: return to work and vaccination plan’ (health professionals will answer the number 389 5645427 from 9 to 12).
The staff of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Polyclinic will answer the number 059 4222891 (every day from 1 to 7 October from 9 to 11) on issues relating to breast milk donation; on 2-3-4-5-6 October the midwives of the Polyclinic will be present from 7am to 1pm to the breastfeeding clinic with direct access. A new one has also been set up on the sixth floor of the Modena Polyclinic Photo exhibition dedicated to working mothers who breastfeed, i.e. midwives themselves, and meetings dedicated to breastfeeding pre-term newborns will be organised. The midwives of the Polyclinic will in turn be present at the flash mob called for Saturday 7 October at 11am in Piazza Mazzini and will take part in a Facebook live organized on the page of the AOU (University Hospital Company) of Modena, scheduled for Thursday 5 October at 6 pm, in which spectators will be able to ask questions live to the various professionals. Always online but on the Zoom platform it will be possible to follow the meeting on October 6th ‘Relaxed breastfeeding’ organized by the midwives of the Modena Clinics (from 3pm to 5pm): to connect, info on the ASL Modena website page www.ausl.mo.it/consultori-familiari-e-spazi-giovani-sedi.

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In the Carpi district The ‘let’s breastfeed together’ flash mob was held on Sunday 1st October, among the events we highlight the meeting on Thursday 5th October from 6pm to 8pm ‘Born together… under the stars’ organized by the obstetrics and gynecology clinic of the Carpi Hospital, an evening of presentation of the hospital’s birth center (to register call 059/659545 from Monday to Friday from 12 to 1.30 pm). In the Mirandola district appointment on 7 October at the Medolla Family Center with meetings preceding the breastfeeding flash mob (11.30 am): after the greetings at 9.30 am, the ‘breastfeeding and work’ meeting will be held by an employment consultant, Following this, some working mothers will talk about their experience and a round table will be held on the topic of work and parenting with local companies. In the Vignola district the Family Center of the Terre di Castelli Union organized various events including the Cinemamme review (3 October, 10 am, Bristol cinema in Savignano sul Panaro) and the ‘Breastfeeding and work’ brunch (5 October, Castelnuovo Rangone library, 10-12). Even in Castelfranco district There are various events scheduled: among these, the meeting ‘Everyone at the table: breastfeeding, nutrition and returning to work’ in the Nonantola Family Centre, organized by paediatricians of free choice (4.30 pm) and the meeting ‘ Breastfeeding and return to work’ organized by the association of volunteer mothers ‘AllattiAMO mothers 0-12 ODV’ on Tuesday 10 October at 4.30 pm in Castelfranco Emilia in the ‘Stella Stellina’ maternal age space. In the District of Sassuolo We would like to highlight two meetings to promote breastfeeding in the ‘Health and Training’ Center of the Florim company on 3 October (from 3pm to 5pm) and on 10 October at 7pm with the midwives of the consultancy, the professionals of the Sassuolo hospital, the Union of Municipalities of the Ceramic District and the volunteers of the support groups. Even in Pavullo district various events will be held starting with the meeting organized on 4 October at the Center for families (10 am) entitled ‘Breastfeeding and work, rights and duties of breastfeeding mothers’ organized by the CISL union and the midwives of the clinic.

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