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AUSL Modena – New resources from the Region to strengthen the response to the growing disadvantage of young people

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AUSL Modena – New resources from the Region to strengthen the response to the growing disadvantage of young people

They arrive new resources to strengthen the response to the growing psychological distress of young people. Thanks to the Emilia-Romagna Region, which awarded funds for almost 100 thousand eurosthe Modena Local Health Authority has prepared new projects and strengthened the workforce of dedicated services, which can now count on four new professionals, three psychologists and a social worker. The new figures support and integrate the work of the teams for the benefit of prevention he was born in mental well-being of girls and boys.

In 2023 they reached the Youth Counseling Spaces and the Adolescence Centre 753 requests for psychological interviews confirming the concrete need support by young people for anxiety, depression and relational difficulties.

In particular, the three psychologists collaborate onclinical activity offered within the Youth Spaces, with interviews and consultancy, while the social worker takes care of fragile parentingespecially on the prevention side, and of orientation together with the psychologist for NEETs, i.e. those kids who find themselves in a stalemate and neither study nor work, meeting their needs and aptitudes.

Youth Spaces and Adolescent Centres, to which the teenagers aged 14 and over can access for free and independently, are therefore the points of reference for girls and boys who wish to speak to a psychologist. The two services are interconnected and have organized an internal request management system that allows young people to get in touch with the most competent service, regardless of the channel through which they made the request.

These are family counseling services in which multi-professional teams work (andrologist, gynaecologists, midwives and psychologists); for this characteristic they can become one of the places where the teenager brings his or her discomfort expressed with diversified requests to the team’s professionals. Furthermore, the Youth Spaces play an important role in connecting with local schools and other educational structures, through the implementation of health education projects.

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The psychological activity that takes place in the Young Spaces has among its objectives that of intercepting the psychic and psycho-relational distress of the developmental age, also supporting prevention that can avoid the development of psychopathologies. The work takes place both with adolescents and with adults of reference (parents, teachers, educators) in integration with the service team and with the territory.

The request for an interview with a psychologist can be made by accessing the service directly or by calling to request an appointment during opening hours (for information: www.ausl.mo.it/spazio-giovani).

The objective of responding to the basic psychological needs of adolescents is shared with the Adolescence Center which belongs to the Clinical and Community Psychology Service. The Adolescence Center deals with responding to manifestations of mental suffering which are expressed in medium/mild symptoms of anxiety, panic attacks, depression, adjustment disorders. Requests are submitted online via the web page www.ausl.mo.it/centro-adolescenza.

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