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AUSL Modena – Telemedicine

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AUSL Modena – Telemedicine

Telemedicine represents an innovative approach to healthcare practice, allowing the provision of services even without the patient having to go to healthcare facilities, making treatments accessible through a secure exchange of data, images, documents and video calls between healthcare professionals and patients.

Telemedicine can play an important role in the following situations:

We will talk about telemedicine at the free conference scheduled in Modena, on 6 October, in the Aula Magna of the Palazzo Ducale (home of the Military Academy).

With this event ECM accredited, promoted by the Local Health Authority, the Modena University Hospital and the Sassuolo SP A Hospitalmeans present the provincial experiences of telemedicine and teleassistance in implementation of the national and regional programming lines, taking into account the post-pandemic and organizational changes and epidemiological structures from Ministerial Decree 77/2022.

The healthcare organization is a significant element in the implementation of telemedicine, involving the healthcare and administrative technostructure transversally.
The dimensions to consider for the introduction of Telemedicine services are:

– the definition of the guidelines, in compliance with the legislation, which include the quality of care, privacy, risk assessment for the implementation of the different telemedicine services and the continuous monitoring of the paths implemented with the different telemedicine services , including through feedback from healthcare workers and patients;

– the technological structure, which includes reliable internet connections, appropriate hardware and software devices, data management systems and security systems to protect patient data and integration with existing IT systems;

– clinical engineering for the evaluation and management of medical devices;

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– staff training and involvement;
– an internal and external communication plan aimed at operators and citizens to develop the culture of telemedicine;

– financial planning.

The event is divided into two sessions:
> session of morning: “THE CHALLENGE OF TELEMEDICINE AND THE HEALTHCARE ORGANIZATION” with a prevalent healthcare theme: elements of healthcare organization will be considered, starting from the Guest Relations of National and Regional caliber and continuing with the presentation of local experiences, exposed by the professionals belonging to the three companies, in the field of management of chronic pathologies such as diabetes and cardiology, rehabilitation, emergency-urgency.
> session of afternoon “TELEMEDICINE: COMPARISON OF INNOVATIONS AND PERSPECTIVES”: attention will be paid to technological innovations through discussions with professionals relating to the technical services of the three companies, the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, the Tecnopolo-Democenter and local companies.

The main objective of the event is therefore to take stock of the state of the art of Telemedicine at a local level, through a comparison with the national and regional level, promoting the sharing of the most recent knowledge on technological innovations in the field of Telemedicine to hypothesize and define future applications in the clinical-care and experimental research fields.

Registrations are taking place exclusively online from September 23rd.
It is possible to choose whether to participate in the morning section (choosing the course code 2730) o pomeridianto (choosing the course code 2731).
Anyone wishing to participate for the whole day must register for both sessions.

To register:
> the staff of the Regional Health System must access the GRU WHR-TIME portal (employee portal) using your domain credentials.

> general practitioners in Emilia-Romagna must access the portale

> citizens and professionals (not included in the two targets described above) they must first register by connecting to the link https://portale-ext-gru.progetto-sole.it/ accessible from Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. Only after registering will it be possible to register by connecting to the link https://portalegru.progetto-sole.it/exec/?idpName=sole: the course is found in the “Training> Bookable courses” section.

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