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AutAcademy and Docebo discovering the development of limits

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AutAcademy and Docebo discovering the development of limits

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What does it mean to hire autistic people? To answer this question, the event «AutAcademy and Docebo: inclusion of autistic people in the company» will be held on 6 October at the Agricultural School of the Monza Park, as part of the Milan Digital Week. The event is aimed at companies and those who lead them, as well as managers and more generally at all those who know something about autism but would like to find out more, going beyond clichés, engaging with qualified professionals.

They talk about it AutAcademya job training project for autistic children financed for the second year by the province of Monza Brianza, and Docebo, the first global e-learning platform with around 30 million active users worldwide.

The occasion is precisely the sixth edition of the Milano Digital Week event, which this year chooses to address as its theme «The development of limits. Participate in an inclusive, sustainable, ethical digital transition.” Because development must deal with increasingly pressing environmental, economic and social limits. And it is precisely on this occasion that AutAcademy and Docebo want to demonstrate their experience of “inclusion” with the first encouraging results regarding the hiring of autistic children in the company.

AutAcademyc, a project of the Agricultural School of the Park, studied with Docebo what the needs of companies were in order to create ad hoc training for its students. Thanks to the “tailor-made” training, AutAcademy students were identified who were able to adequately respond to the corporate needs that arose. Thus, Docebo, which has a particular focus on the inclusion of neurodivergence, found in AutAcademy the right answer to the desire to include, offering qualified roles to autistic people suitable for that same role. The event will also be livestreamed via the AutAcademy Facebook page.

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