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available on all mobile phones with many indications and availability of medicines

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available on all mobile phones with many indications and availability of medicines

AIFA Medicinali is the new App made available by the Italian Medicines Agency to meet the needs of citizens.

The App is already downloadable from the official stores both for devices Android that iOS. Ecco how this handy application worksanother piece that brings us ever closer to the telemedicine.

Fonte: Google Play Store

We are now at a turning point with regard to the health sector, and we see it every day even if in small steps. The innovation process began in 2017 but by now we have almost reached the objectives. Objectives devised by the EU and which all countries must respect. We are talking about telemedicine and virtual medicine, a health care system that we could define as 2.0 because it’s like an update.

From next 2024, our relationship with the general practitioner and pharmacies will be much more digital: electronic prescriptions (we are already using them), remote diagnosis, tools for self-measurement of vital parameters, and now also a convenient App for medicines. Ecco how it works and why it will be useful to all citizens.

AIFA Medicinali, here is the new App available for all mobile phones

We can download this App on all smartphones from the official Google and Apple stores, which landed a few days ago to provide an additional service to citizens.

The App, as explained by the Italian Medicines Agency, allows you to keep under control in real time a lot of information regarding the drugs. Not only those that we eventually use, but also instructions and indications for the use of medicines, and above all if they are available in pharmacies. By creating your own account we can also receive custom notifications.

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A system like this can be especially useful for those who do continuous drug therapies, and need to find drugs often. But also, for example, consult the package inserts, drug authorizations, expiration dates and characteristics of the same.

Like all Apps, even with the one created by AIFA we will be able to set our preferences, perhaps sound reminders for taking the therapy: this function is useful not only for the patient but also for those who have to take care of them.

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And as with all applications, in the future there may be more features, options and services useful to the user. AIFA has announced, among other things, that it is about to plan another App concerning antibioticswhich will serve not only to provide useful information but also as a concrete action against the antibiotic resistance. In fact, with a more aware population it will be possible to avoid further complications inherent in this phenomenon, which as we know is spreading more and more.

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