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Avian flu, cases in animals begin to decline – Healthcare

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Avian flu, cases in animals begin to decline – Healthcare

(ANSA) – ROME, APRIL 12 – After months of concern, the number of cases of bird flu in animals has begun to drop. This was revealed by the latest report by the World Organization for Animal Health, according to which in the three weeks between 10 and 30 March there were 26 new outbreaks of avian flu in the world in poultry and 148 in other birds.

There were 44 and 160 new outbreaks respectively in the previous three weeks. On the other hand, the number of dead or slaughtered animals decreased by almost two thirds, from 2.2 million to 610 thousand.

Most outbreaks in poultry (14) have occurred in Europe; 7 in the Americas, 4 in Asia and 1 in Africa. The highest number of deaths was recorded in Asia with 469,495 animals killed or culled. The same trend was observed among other birds: 115 new outbreaks occurred in Europe, 32 in the Americas, 1 in Asia. The most circulating virus is still the H5N1 type.

“Based on the seasonal trend of highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses, the number of outbreaks in animals is expected to have peaked and declined”, reads the document which recalls that despite the “slight decline compared to the previous report ”, “the current epidemic season continues”.

Among the greatest fears, the cases of infection in mammals. “The reports of highly pathogenic mammalian avian influenza viruses (in Belgium and the UK) further underline the increased potential risk that avian influenza viruses are better adapted in mammals and transmitted to humans and other animals”, still writes the agency which invites to report outbreaks of avian flu in unusual guests. (HANDLE).

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