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Avoid these places even if they are open: what the virologist recommends

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Avoid these places even if they are open: what the virologist recommends

Summer has officially begun and temperatures reach torrid peaks that make us loosen our attention on the front of the protection from Covid-19. Keeping the mask, in fact, especially when it comes to FFP2, can be difficult as well as maintaining social distancing. Yet, the experts underline, we must not let our guard down at all and the numbers, unfortunately, confirm that the contagion they run fast, so much so that we are talking about a summer wave.

So, while the restrictive measures are relaxed it is crucial to continue respect the rules in force and adopt certain behaviors that give us the confidence to better protect ourselves and others. In some cases, then, virologists provide advice which may sound almost exaggerated but which, on the contrary, respond to a pandemic framework with which we must continue to deal.

For example, experts warn against frequenting a variety of environments that, while open and accessible according to regulations, should be avoided. Starting from bars and restaurants too busy and especially if they are in an area that is experiencing an increase in the number of infected people. By now, in fact, whether it is a drink or a coffee at the counter or that we are sitting at the small table there is no longer any obligation to wear a mask and this makes it easier for the virus to circulate.

Those who do not want, or cannot, do without a lunch or dinner out, should prefer to stay outdoors, choosing times when the turnout is lower. Furthermore, in all cases where the law provides for it, we never forget personal protective equipment, to be worn even in all situations that seem critical to us, for example in shops with many people or along the streets of the center. city ​​in rush hour. Finally, if we can avoid it, let it go swimming pool and wellness centers, even more so when the number of visitors is particularly high.

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