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Awarded to gen. Son Honorary Membership Society History Medicine

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Awarded to gen.  Son Honorary Membership Society History Medicine

The Honorary Membership of the Italian Society of the History of Medicine has been conferred on General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo. The ceremony was held last night in the theater room of the Ruggero Settimo barracks, part of the historic complex of the sixteenth-century convent of San Francesco di Paola, today one of the buildings of historical interest of the Army in Palermo. The Palermo educational-cultural association is among the most important in Italy and Europe.

The president, Professor Adelfio Elio Cardinale, wished to take advantage of the General’s visit to Sicily “to recognize, in a tangible way, the role he had at the helm of the Commissarial Structure for the fight against the pandemic”. “The foresight of General Figliuolo has placed logistics at the basis of the fight against Covid-19 – underlined Prof. Cardinal – also managing to increase the trust of citizens and health professionals”. General Figliuolo thanked prof. Cardinal, the association and the Division General Maurizio Angelo Scardino, Military Commander of the Army in Sicily, “my ‘proconsul’ for the fight against the pandemic and to which a deep friendship unites me”.

“I have never interrupted my verification activity on the territory, without which it is not possible to effectively command and obtain the desired results. Today Italy, thanks to all the actors involved, civil and military, is a point of reference at world in the fight against Covid and in the organization of citizens’ vaccinations “, said Figliuolo. “I made some important choices – he continued – to balance the amount of vaccines available and the needs relating to health and the functioning of the Italian system”. “The merit of Commissioner Figliuolo in effectively organizing the vaccination system is undeniable – pointed out Gaetano Armao, vice president of the Sicilian Region – even in Sicily where, it should be remembered, the Constitution of the kingdom already in 1812 provided for compulsory vaccination for own citizens “. This morning, at the Rectorate, in Palazzo Steri, General Figiuolo will speak to talk about “Military values ​​at the service of the country in the fight against the pandemic”. The introduction will be edited by the Rector Massimo Midiri. Prof. Gioacchino Lavanco. Moderated by the journalist beraking latest news Elvira Terranova.

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