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Back pain, neck pain or widespread pain after Covid? Try osteopathy

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Back pain, neck pain or widespread pain after Covid?  Try osteopathy

Widespread joint pain, back pain, neck pain and breathing difficulties. These are some of the symptoms that, although the condition is still under study, distinguish the so-called Long Covid and that can be mitigated by osteopathic treatments.

“There are people who after months of healing from Covid-19 continue to have disorders, for example muscle, which they had never suffered before the infection. And a disorder lasts beyond three months, it is defined as chronic”, he explains. Silvia Ratti, member of the Registry of Osteopaths of Italy and head of the CronOs project, a Roi initiative that explores the relationship between osteopathy and chronicity. “Considering that the pandemic has been going on for two years now, we have patients who have been living with these post-Covid disorders for over a year.”

It is also for this reason that from 18 to 24 April 2022, as part of the CronOs project and on the occasion of the International Osteopathy Week, over 300 osteopaths of the Roi will offer throughout Italy a first free visit to patients with symptoms attributable to Long-Covid. or whose chronicity has worsened as a result of the restrictions for the pandemic. To participate, you can book your visit on the cronos.roi.it site in the “How to participate” section.

Musculoskeletal Disorders and Long Covid

It is not yet known for sure whether the musculoskeletal disorders attributable to Long Covid are mechanical or inflammatory in nature, but certainly the lifestyle changes generated by the pandemic, first with the lockdown, then with the restrictions, have hindered their resolution. .

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“In the last two years, many people have had to stop their usual physical activity and have found themselves working from home on not always ergonomic workstations that have caused musculoskeletal disorders or worsened existing conditions” recalls the osteopath. “Not to mention stressful situations, which also affect physical well-being, and the postponement of the usual checks”.

Osteopaths recognized health professionals

To remedy musculoskeletal pain, even those attributable to Long Covid, the osteopath performs treatments aimed at mobilizing painful and dysfunctional joints. The manipulation does not necessarily take place where the patient feels bad: to remedy a joint pain in the shoulder, for example, the foot or torso may be treated. With regard to practical advice once you return home, however, the main advice is to recover physical activity, even before putting your posture in place.

A measure of patient care

“We evaluate with the patient which may be the most suitable for his needs, based on the pain, his level of training and age” continues Ratti. “There are no absolute contraindications. For example, running, which in general is not recommended for low back pain, can be maintained in trained patients with the necessary precautions. Alternatively, we suggest functional gymnastics, based on natural body movements, or activities of muscle strengthening, such as pilates, swimming or yoga according to the patient’s preferences “.

Osteopaths recognized health professionals

The posture

Then there are the suggestions for posture. “If the patient carries out work on the PC, we remind him of the importance of a functional posture at the desk” recalls the osteopath. “With those who lift a lot of weights for work, we agree on the most correct way to do it”. While for people afflicted with neck pain, “the position of the screen with respect to the head is fundamental, which when sitting at the desk must never be higher or lower, but exactly frontal. The position taken during sleep is also influential. : if we wake up with more neck pain than when we went to sleep, it means that the pillow or night posture may not be adequate “.

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To date, there are no studies on the effectiveness of osteopathy in relation to musculoskeletal disorders from Long Covid, because it is too recent a phenomenon. “However, there are studies that have demonstrated the value of osteopathy on musculoskeletal disorders in general. Therefore”, concludes the expert, “it is hypothesized that it may also have a role in the treatment of post-Covid muscle and joint pain.

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