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“Bacterium in the water. Red eyes, cough and high fever “

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“Bacterium in the water.  Red eyes, cough and high fever “

Cough, fever, sore throat. But it is not Covid. They are the symptoms of those who return to the vacation a GallipoliRiccione, Pag (Croatia), Corfu (Greece) and shares them on TikTok. A new virus? “When you go to Gallipoli and you catch a virus that is not Covid,” says Paola on the social platform. But she is not the only one. To the girl’s experience I add others spread through videos in which very young people show the thermometer over 38, masks and frequent cough.

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Gallipoli virus? I symptoms

Boys complain of red eyes, exhaustion, cold, cough, fever, sore throat. On the swab, however, none of them test positive for Covid. However, there is a common factor. And it is the young age of those who share the disease. A factor that has raised many doubts, also because in these places we often have fun and it is late in the evening: without paying too much attention to health.

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“Bacterium in the water”

The alarm grows on social networks for the virus of unknown origin. Some users say they use the water in the bottles to wash themselves, because they are convinced that this bacterium is present in the tap water. «I thought it was for the air conditioning – writes Marta in the comments to the video -, but at this point I think it’s some bacterium in the water».

@_paolamatera I know I’m not the only one #gallipoli #sonopaolamatera ♬ Originalton – Baskhan

The fear is that it may be theescherichia coli: a bacterium commonly found in the human intestine, but also in that of several other warm-blooded animals (homeotherms). The microorganism which had been found in the sea of ​​the Emilia-Romagna Riviera. But they fell within the limits at all points where anomalies were recorded.

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The reactions

«Mto certainly between the air conditioning, the evenings on the disco and the wind that is in Salento I think it is normal to come back sick», A user comments. And who shared the video replies: “Yes, in fact, I hope it’s just that».

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