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BAH Health Monitor: Increasing importance of self-medication, concerns about…

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BAH Health Monitor: Increasing importance of self-medication, concerns about…

19.02.2024 – 09:00

Federal Association of Drug Manufacturers (BAH)

Berlin (ots)

Trust in pharmacists and doctors stable Increasing importance of self-medication Appreciation for stationary pharmacies despite challenges caused by delivery bottlenecks

According to a current survey by the BAH Health Monitor, 44 percent of Germans expect health care to worsen in the next 10 years. Germans continue to rate the situation where they live better than the entire German healthcare system. “Nevertheless, the health monitor shows that pessimism regarding future care in Germany is increasing, especially in rural areas,” explains Dr. Hubertus Cranz, General Manager of the BAH. “The skeptical view of the future is likely to be linked to concerns about the availability of sufficient health personnel.”

According to the survey, pharmacists and doctors continue to enjoy a high level of trust. However, the declining number of pharmacies is perceived as a problem by parts of the population. Not least because the importance of providing self-medication medicines for minor, temporary illnesses is seen as increasingly important. For 84 percent of people in Germany, over-the-counter medications are “very important” or “important.” This marks a significant increase compared to 2018, when 76 percent of respondents attributed this great importance to self-medication.

Another result: fewer and fewer people perceive the availability of medicines in pharmacies as appropriate. “Delivery bottlenecks represent a serious challenge for local pharmacies,” emphasizes Cranz. “It is therefore crucial to counteract this development politically. A targeted improvement of the framework conditions for production reduces the risk of delivery bottlenecks and strengthens local pharmacies.”

The health monitor of the Federal Association of Drug Manufacturers (BAH) consists of an annual survey on the general and personal care situation in Germany. In addition, 1,000 German citizens are surveyed at irregular intervals on various topics relating to drug supply. The survey is conducted by NielsenIQ. Further information about the health monitor can be found at www.bah-bonn.de/presse/bah-gesundheitsmonitor/

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The Federal Association of Drug Manufacturers (BAH) is the pharmaceutical industry association with the largest number of members in Germany. It represents the interests of around 400 member companies that employ around 80,000 people in Germany. The companies organized in the BAH make a significant contribution to securing the supply of medicines in Germany. They provide almost 80 percent of the non-prescription medicines and almost two thirds of the prescription medicines sold in pharmacies, as well as a large proportion of the material medical devices, for patients. There is more information about the BAH at www.bah-bonn.de.

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