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Baja Mall’s pre-order ranking for the week of September 12th “Legend of Sword and Fairy Seven” rises again

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There is a lot of game information released every week. I believe many friends want to know which games are already available for pre-order? Which games are coming soon? Which new work other players are most looking forward to? In order to help players purchase games more conveniently, GNN will publish the weekly physical pre-order list of the Baja Mall for the player’s reference.

※ Pre-order statistics range: from the opening of pre-order products to the current ranking update (cumulative)

※ Multi-version products will be counted in the same project (accounting for one ranking), and different platforms will be counted separately

※ Products (peripheral products, etc.) connected to the same data center will all be counted in the same item (accounting for one ranking)

The PlayStation 4 version currently ranks fifth in the pre-order list of “The Judgment’s Death: Annihilated Memories” has been available for download on the PlayStation Store last week “The Judgment’s Death: Annihilated Memories”. The trial version can save data in the production version. Continue to use in the game.

“The Judgment Passes: Annihilated Memory Experience Edition” can play the content from the beginning of the main story to the middle of Chapter 1. In addition, you can experience the beginning of the story about the truth of the “event” tracked by Iori, as well as the unique “investigative actions” in the series, such as tracking, physical actions, hiding, chasing, etc. The main action elements of this work ─ refreshing combat, and related teaching experience, are also content that should not be missed.

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“Legend of Sword and Fairy Seven” (PC version), which has advanced one place in the rankings, recently announced that it will be available for pre-order on October 22. As soon as it entered the pre-order list in the previous issue, it was ranked seventh, and this issue once again surpassed “Zero~” The number of reservations for “The Witch of the Crow~” (Nintendo Switch version).
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According to official information, “Legend of Sword and Fairy Seven” is an action role-playing game that focuses on plot and gameplay. The story revolves around the tribe of humans, gods and demons, and the combat system also emphasizes major changes compared to the previous series. Known as the real-time combat mode, we hope to bring players a refreshing combat experience through a seamless combat process.
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On the other hand, the PlayStation 4 version currently ranked eighth in the pre-order list of “Demon Slayer: Blade of Fire” also released the first episode of “Game Trial Report” last weekend. Please go to play You Douzi’s voice actor Gui Tou Mingli personally picked up the controller, and actually played the teaching clip of Tanjiro to Shang Chentu in the early stage of “Demon Slayer: Blade of Fire, God of Blood and Wind”.

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In conjunction with the release of the new video this time, the official also released screenshots of the latest game screens in the “Zhuhe Meeting” and “Butterfly House Shiki” chapters in the single player mode, allowing you to see more non-operational characters appearing in the story mode.

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