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Balearic Islands Government – Detail of the news

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Balearic Islands Government – Detail of the news

The General Directorate of Consumption reminds us of the rights of consumers and the obligations of shops during the sales period

The General Directorate of Consumption recommends a responsible attitude when taking advantage of the offers of the traditional winter sale period.

Citizen customs are constantly changing and the period of sales that is starting now has added circumstances due to the impact of the pandemic.

The epidemiological situation in the Balearic Islands requires measures to be taken to prevent the spread of the virus. In this sense, businesses must comply with established health standards.


Consum recommends comparing the price and quality in different establishments, and remembers that all discounted products must be differentiated from the rest and include the original price along with the discount or discount percentage.

It is also important to keep proof of payment, labels and warranties, so that you can use them in case you have to file a claim. In this regard, Consum remembers that the warranty and after-sales service when purchasing an item during the sales period are exactly the same as outside of this period.

Buy online

With regard to Internet purchases during sales periods, it is advisable to buy on secure pages. In this sense, the same rights as when the purchase is made in the traditional way are still valid and they must offer the same guarantees as those bought in stores.

The s in a web address (https instead of http ) means the site is secure. Another way to identify a secure page is the appearance on the screen of a closed padlock or key — if you double-click on the padlock or key, information about the security certificate appears.

It is also recommended to check the original price of the product, whether it includes VAT and whether it has shipping costs or not, so that you can identify what the actual discount is.

Consumers must ensure that they identify the person responsible for the web page or supplier entity (name, address, CIF).

Likewise, the General Directorate of Consumer Affairs reminds that the buyer has the right of withdrawal, of which he must have been informed. This allows, without the need to allege any reason, to cancel the contract during a minimum period of fourteen calendar days from the day of receipt of the product.

Finally, you should always keep a copy of the purchase operations made. At the end of the purchase order, a page summarizing the operation should appear (it is advisable for buyers to keep a copy, even in case of some kind of incident or failed operation due to error computer).

Obligations of businesses

Regarding the obligations of businesses, the General Directorate recalls the following:

  • Sellers may not purchase products specifically for sale; they must be items that have been on sale before at a higher price.
  • Merchants must clearly state the previous sale price and markdown, or list the normal sale price and markdown percentage that will apply at the time of purchase.
  • The sales prices must appear both in the windows and inside the store.
  • Marked-down products should be differentiated from other types of sales at lower than usual prices, such as clearance items, sales or special offers. In no case, the products that are sold in sales can not be “sale”, that is to say, items that have some defect or manufacturing defect.
  • Merchants must accept the usual means of payment including credit cards and cannot charge a higher percentage for the use of credit cards or refuse the purchase by this system if it is usually used in the your trade
  • Businesses must indicate that there are claims sheets.

Proximity trade

The General Directorate of Consumption encourages you to take into account other elements when buying products. In this sense, opting for local and local products stimulates local trade and increases the competitiveness of trade and the primary sector of the Balearic Islands.

Complaint and complaint

All companies must have official claim and denunciation sheets. If the company is a member of the Consumer Arbitration System, it is a guarantee in the event of a complaint.

The consumer, if he considers that his rights have not been respected, can submit a claim to the consumer services of the autonomous communities, to the municipal consumer information offices of the town councils, to the associations of consumers and users, and consumer arbitration boards.

If you live in Spain but want to claim against a company from another EU member state, Norway or Iceland, you can do so through the European Consumer Center and in the courts.

For more information:

Offices of the General Directorate of Consumption

Palma: 971 78 49 96
Brick: 971 36 04 26 / 971 36 87 03
Ibiza: 971 30 67 00 / 971 30 67 64

Mandatory prior appointment system

Social Networks: @IBC
Toll-free customer service number: 900 16 60 00
Online claim: reclamacionsconsum.caib.es

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