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Balearic Islands Government – Detail of the news

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Balearic Islands Government – Detail of the news

EinaSalut, a revolutionary digital platform to improve the individual and collective health of the population, is launched

The Ministry of Health and Consumption has launched EinaSalut, a revolutionary digital platform aimed at improving the individual and collective health of the Balearic population. This is what Minister Patricia Gómez explained today during the presentation of this innovative public procurement project promoted by the General Directorate of Public Health and Participation and in which nearly 530,000 euros have been invested, 50% financed by FEDER funds .

The Ministry has today presented to the patient associations of the Balearic Islands and to the participants in the Active Patient Program this interactive work tool aimed at healthy people or those with an illness, institutions, educational centers and companies. During the presentation, the minister was accompanied by the general director of Public Health and Participation, Maria Antònia Font; the head of the Health Promotion Service, Elena Cabeza; the head of the Patient Observatory, Rosa Duro, and the head of the Active Patient Program, Llucia Moreno.

Gómez explained that EinaSalut is not a health information website. “It is much more than that. It’s an interactive machine to work with,” he remarked.

In this sense, the minister has informed that EinaSalut is, on the one hand, an instrument so that individual citizens, healthy or with illnesses, can assess their physical and emotional state of health, know how they can improve through progressive actions and evaluate the results.

On the other – he added – it is an instrument of collective work so that institutions, educational centers, companies and associations can start, follow and evaluate their projects linked to the promotion of health.

In addition – he pointed out – it is a massive data collection engine. The data collected from the questionnaires completed by users, linked to a postal code, can be processed and cross-referenced with other sources of information, such as that of the INE, in order to know more precisely the state of neighborhood and community health and, from there, make effective and efficient management decisions by public administrations.

“We know that digital transformation is essential in the field of health. And although it has many aspects, on this occasion we are taking one more step and moving it to the field of prevention and the promotion of individual and community health with this truly revolutionary digital platform”, highlighted Gómez, who declared that she was convinced that innovation can become a “formidable ally” to help the population stay healthy and not get sick.

For this reason, he has encouraged attendees and the entire population to access the platform and take advantage of all the resources available to them to improve their health.

EinaSalut is an innovative public procurement project in which 529,204 euros have been invested (50% FEDER funds). The awardees were Ibermàtica, Vicomtech and 4idcp. Construction started in 2019 and more than 70 people from different ministries, institutions, associations and companies, not only from the Balearic Islands, but also from other regions, have participated.

Patricia Gómez has emphasized that it has been a huge task of coordination that has continued despite the pandemic and has congratulated the entire team that has made its implementation possible.

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