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Balearic Islands Government – Detail of the news

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Balearic Islands Government – Detail of the news

Government and Ministry will renew the agreement for the continuity of the Consumer Arbitration Board

The Council of Government has authorized the Minister of Health and Consumption, Patricia Gómez, to renew the agreement with the Ministry of Consumer Affairs to give continuity to the Consumer Arbitration Board and in this way compliance with the regulation of the agreements that includes Law 40/2015, of October 1, on the legal regime of the public sector.

The purpose of the agreement is to determine that the Consumer Arbitration Board of the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands, based in Palma, must hear as a matter of priority the claims of consumers in its area, in relation to their legally recognized rights , in accordance with the competence criteria and the procedure established by Royal Decree 231/2008, of February 15, which regulates the Consumer Arbitration System.

The Consumer Arbitration Board of the Balearic Islands was established on April 22, 1994 and aims to resolve claims submitted by consumers against companies or professionals who agree to resolve the dispute through consumer arbitration.

The Consumer Arbitration System is a voluntary, free, simple, agile and effective procedure to elucidate the differences between the parties quickly and without excessive formalities.

Both in the case of affiliated companies and in the event that a specific matter is accepted, the resolution of disputes is carried out by the arbitral tribunals, which have a tripartite composition: a representative of the Administration, a representative of consumers and one of employers.

The resolutions of the arbitral tribunals are called awards, they are binding and executive and have the value of res judicata; that is to say, the parties cannot submit the same facts to the courts of justice, nor can the awarded award be appealed, only an annulment appeal can be filed before the Superior Court of Justice.

Since its creation, the Board has resolved more than 25,000 disputes, of which more than 15,000 have been by award and nearly 10,000 by mediation. There are currently 1,331 companies from the Islands that have joined.

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