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Thanks to the 1.5 million euro funding, the project (already approved) can become a reality

There are still 600 thousand euros missing: “An important step that will allow us to expand our activities”

LECCO – The project of “New” climbing gym in Lecco foresees, in the garden around the current structure, the construction of a series of modules which will primarily allow male and female changing rooms to be taken out (which will therefore be larger and more functional), obtaining more space inside. Always outside will be created a bar, i stores but above all a high module where one will be inserted regulatory structure for the Speed ​​specialty which is missing today. Where there are now changing rooms and offices, a new one will be built sala boulder.

This is the general project for the expansion of the sport climbing gym of via Carlo Mauri which has already been presented jointly and which, just yesterday, officially confirmed the loan of 1.5 million euros (about 3/4 of the total expenditure) resulting from an agreement between the Region and the Ministry. The meeting at the Polytechnic with the Lecco champion Beatrice Colli it was an opportunity to talk about the future of the building owned by the Mountain community Eastern Lario Valle San Martino and managed by Spiders who have been working for years to make the climbing movement grow in the area.

“Two years after we began to implement the project for the expansion, this is the first great satisfaction that allows us to make concrete what until now was only on paper – he said. Luca Passini, president of Asd Ragni -. It is true that this funding does not cover everything, but it is in any case the biggest event that starts the works and which, we hope, will push other bodies, institutions and supporters to help us cover the rest of the costs of the enlargement “.

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Luca Passini

The project has already been approved jointly and, once completed, it will first of all lead to an increase in the use of the building: “At the moment we are doing 30 courses per week (5 per day) that must be wedged between the various training sessions, the activities with schools, the use of daily users – explained Passini -. We have more than 200 people on the waiting list between children, teens and adults to take courses. Expanding the climbing spaces means being able to carry out more activities at the same time. For example, currently, when the boys of the competitive sport train (maximum two teams at a time) we cannot do anything else. So, in order to match the various needs, we are forced to ‘millimeter joints’. Certainly good news for the whole movement and an important step for the realization of the project “.

The mayor is of the same opinion Mauro Gattinoni who, during the meeting with Beatrice Colli, spoke about the new gym: “It was December 3 last year when I delivered a letter in the hands of the president of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana, there was also the undersecretary Antonio Rossi, to express the need for the expansion of the structure and today the financing of 1.5 million euros (still missing 600 thousand euros). I’m sorry Antonio Rossi isn’t here because it was right for him to say this, but we collaborated well together by working as a team ”.

The mayor Mauro Gattinoni

Gattinoni also underlined how the example of Beatrice Colli can be important for everyone: “Taking up exactly what Antonio Rossi, winner of many Olympic medals said, we are not going to build a structure around a single athlete, but for a territory and a much bigger project. That will be the home of Beatrice Colli, a unique athlete, but on that wall there will be many others, starting with the disabled who are already involved in various projects, and who in Beatrice Colli will be able to have a model because those taken, with the work and the fatigue that they carry around can teach everyone a lot. Thanks to all those who will allow us to carry out this beautiful project in Lecco ”.

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