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Bar, restaurant, stadium and gym: possible restrictions for unvaccinated

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Government and Regions evaluate bans and restrictions for unvaccinated to avoid closures related to the passage in the Yellow, Orange and Red zone. The proposal divides the majority and even the presidents of the regions are not compact. But technically how could this close be enacted? Introducing restrictions for the unvaccinated would have obvious constitutional problems.

Vaccination is not compulsory in Italy, so it is not possible – or at least it would be very complicated – intervene on personal freedoms based on a free choice, that of whether or not to undergo vaccination against Covid. If vaccination were mandatory, the situation would be different, but this is not the case.

Hence the idea of ​​the Green Pass 2G. This is the German model which provides that the green certification is issued only after vaccination or after recovery from Covid. In other words, no Green Pass with the tampon.

Restrictions for the unvaccinated

If the super Green Pass line passed, which according to Minister Brunetta could come into force as early as December, the unvaccinated could not go to the stadium, they could not go to the cinema or the gym, they could not go to a restaurant if they wanted to. eat indoors.

In fact, they would be almost totally excluded from social life. According to the hypotheses in circulation, the restrictions should only affect social life. Essential services and the world of work should therefore be excluded from the squeeze.

Social tensions are worrying

A squeeze of this magnitude could fuel social tensions and give new energy to demonstrations against the Green Pass and against the government. This is obviously a component to be taken into consideration in the analysis of the proposal.


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