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bariatric surgery boom, that’s what it is

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bariatric surgery boom, that’s what it is

Obesity Concerns in Umbria: Surge in Cases Prompts Focus on Prevention and Treatment

On the day dedicated to the fight against Obesity Day, troubling statistics have emerged regarding the rise of obesity in the region of Umbria. According to recent data, 33% of people in Umbria are overweight and 10% are considered obese, making it a significant public health concern.

Dr. Alessandro Contine, coordinator of the Sicob accredited center at the Città di Castello hospital and regional Sicob delegate, highlighted the importance of bariatric surgery in tackling obesity. This surgical treatment not only helps in achieving long-term weight loss but also improves or resolves associated comorbidities, ultimately extending the life expectancy of patients. Previously, many Umbrian citizens had to travel outside the region for such surgeries, causing an increase in healthcare costs. However, there are now various facilities within Umbria offering bariatric surgery, reducing the need for patients to seek treatment elsewhere.

Following the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, these facilities have resumed full-time operations, resulting in decreased waiting times for patients. Dr. Contine emphasized the need for raising public awareness about the seriousness of obesity and called for greater attention from institutions and the media on the importance of prevention and treatment.

The Città di Castello hospital has been at the forefront of bariatric surgeries since 2017, with the number of cases per year nearing 100, placing it among the national centers of excellence. As the region continues to address the escalating rates of obesity, the focus remains on improving the quality of life for patients and preventing the associated health risks.

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