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In the Campania Region comes the basic psychologist which offers a range of psychological assistance services for all citizens, especially minors and the frail affected by the pandemic,

The basic psychologist operates in the health districts of the Campania ASL and the visits work like those of the general practitioner and the pediatrician, of free choice for families.

Let’s find out what the new law established for the first time in a Region of Italy provides, in a historical moment in which it is actually so much needed.


Campania is the first Region of Italy to have established the basic psychologist with the Regional Law of 3 August 2020, n. 35, which came into force after the ok of the Constitutional Court of 12 December 2021. This Law of the Campania Region, in practice, has established the basic psychology service in the health districts of the ASLs to improve the quality of the territorial health care.

The other positive aspect is that, with the establishment of this new figure in all the Campania districts, there will also be new hires, scheduled between 2022 and 2023, for which the publication of specific calls is expected. Meanwhile, again to enhance psychological assistance services, the Region has also signed, on 27 October 2021, a memorandum of understanding between the Region and the Order of Psychologists of Campania aimed at combating the negative effects on the psychological well-being of minors due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

This protocol provides for the activation of a qualified service to prevent the onset of complex symptomatological pictures. This measure is similar to that envisaged by the 2022 Budget Law to assist all pupils and school staff who are facing the pandemic, on which you can read this in-depth study.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of 2022 the Lazio Region had also established the psychologist bonus that we have presented to you in this article, while at the national level the standard is still poor for gki aid to families, as explained in this in-depth analysis.


The basic psychologist service has the purpose of supporting and integrating the action of general practitioners and paediatricians of free choice, in intercepting and responding to the basic care needs of Campania citizens. To carry out this service is each local health authority (ASL) at the level of basic health districts in a manner free. It is played by self-employed psychologists in a conventional relationship with health facilities. The mechanism for starting a path with the basic psychologist works like this:

  • the psychologist takes charge of the request for assistance from the competent doctor (general practitioner, by the patient’s trusted doctor, by the pediatrician of free choice or by another specialist);

  • develops a clinical project including a diagnostic dimension and a psychological support program, also making use of the second level public and private structures competent on the identified problem.


To start the basic psychologist service in the Campania Region, the organization has allocated € 600,000 for 2022. The professional figures serving the districts will be chosen by theprovincial list of primary care psychologists, specifically established by the Region with the Regional Law of 3 August 2020, n. 35. Professionals in possession of the following requisites can be registered in the provincial lists:

  • degree in psychology;
  • registration in the Register of Psychologists;
  • absence of employment relationships indefinitely with the structures of the National or Regional Health Service;
  • specific skills and qualifications;
  • certificate of qualification issued by the Campania Region following the attendance and passing of the final exam of a specific six-month course regulated by the Regional Council on the subject of the basic psychologist and primary care.

During the first application phase and pending the realization of the enabling courses on which we will keep you updated, they can access the list of basic psychologists of the Campania Region, the psychologists and psychotherapist psychologists who document the exercise of activity at least two years, with any type of contract, in structures such as:

  • ASL;
  • Hospitals;
  • Scientific Research and Care Institutes (IRCCS);
  • affiliated entities of the Campania Region.

For candidates who present a certificate of an affiliated structure, tax documentation is required that proves the activity contractually carried out. The regional council subsequently, with a specific regulation will govern the formation of provincial lists and management of conventional offices, on which we will keep you updated.


The basic psychologist is a figure inserted in the socio-health district for primary psychological assistance and works in collaboration with general practitioners, with free choice pediatricians and with outpatient specialists. This professional guarantees the psychological well-being in basic medicine and works in relationship with the health districts and their functional divisions. Its action is close to the realities of life of users, families and the community, providing a first level of psychological assistance, of quality, accessible, effective, cost-effective and integrated with other health services. It also ensures rapid patient care.

To the basic psychologist, in harmony with the functions referred to in the Law of 18 February 1989, n. 56 (Organization of the profession of psychologist), compete, in agreement with the competent district services, functions of reducing the risk of mental illness, prevention and health promotion. The basic psychologist intercepts the increasing burden of psychological disorders of the population that often remain unexpressed and the needs for psychological well-being and works primarily on the following areas:

  • problems related to adaptation (bereavement, job loss, separations, chronic illness);

  • symptomatology anxious depressive;

  • problems related to phases of the life cycle;

  • emotional distress transient and stressful events;

  • psychological support the unfortunate diagnosis and chronicity or recurrence of the disease;

  • poor adherence to care;

  • improper request of health care;

  • psychosomatic problems;

  • support to the team of health professionals.


Any citizen residing in the region who presents one can request a basic psychologist in the Campania Region specific request by a general practitioner, a patient’s trusted doctor, a pediatrician of free choice or another specialist.


Once the prescription or written request from the competent doctor has been obtained, the citizen interested in requesting the basic psychological assistance service free of charge must go to one of the districts territorial health of the Campania Region or at the local health authority of competence. At these offices, equipped with recipe (or request in writing), health insurance card e valid identity document, it will be possible to book a visit with a territorially competent basic psychologist.


The service of basic psychology in the Campania Region is aimed at:

  • intercept and decrease the increasing burden of psychological disorders of the population. This, therefore, constituting a filter both for secondary levels of care and for first aid;

  • intercept i psychological wellbeing needs which often remain unspoken by the population;

  • organize and manage decentralized psychological assistance with respect to some types of care;

  • make a good integration with specialist services second level psychological and mental health and with more general health services;

  • intercepting and managing behavioral and emotional problems derived from the Covid 19 pandemic.


The monitoring of the quality of psychological assistance provided by the basic psychologist in the Campania Region is periodically carried out by the competent bodies of the Regional Health Service. To this end, therefore, basic psychologists pass on one annual report on the psychological assistance provided. The report is sent to the company psychologist manager, who sends it to the competent SSR services. The relevant services of the SRG review the reports submitted to verify, monitor and evaluate the psychological assistance activity.

In fact, the Campania Region has also provided for the establishment of an independent body with functions of Regional Observatory composed of:

  • a executive psychologist for each ASL;
  • hospital psychologist manager;
  • due university teachers;
  • a official of the Campania Region with skills and qualifications in the psychological field;
  • two psychologists appointed by the Order of Psychologists of Campania;
  • a employee the Campania Region with secretarial functions;
  • representative of a scientific society of psychology;
  • a representative of a trade union organization representative of the category,
  • medical representative of General medicine;
  • a representative of the pediatricians of free choice.

The regional Observatory carries out an action of control, planning and direction on the activities performed by the basic psychologist. This, also in function of the emerging health needs in the Campania Region.


Regional Law 3 August 2020, n. 35 (Pdf 107 Kb), which entered into force with the consent of the Constitutional Court of 12 December 2021


We also point out the in-depth study on the psychologist bonus 2022 with all the innovations introduced by the Budget law and the guide on the psychologist bonus of the Lazio Region. To find out other bonuses and benefits available for families and workers, you can visit our page dedicated to aid for people. We recommend that you sign up for free our newsletter, to receive all updates, and to ours Telegram channel, to get a preview of the news.

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