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“Battlefield 2042” “All-out Warfare” mode returns strongly-Battlefield 2042

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Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA) has released the much-anticipated first-person shooter “Battlefield 2042”. “Battlefield 2042” uses the innovative technology of the Frostbite game engine to host up to 128 players to compete on the latest console* and PC. The game adds an epic map, in which the dynamic world and scenes all represent the return of the modern background. With vehicles, weapons and many other elements, we will develop an immersive sandbox game experience for you. “Battlefield 2042” was praised by EGM, saying that “this work brings about the evolution of the “Battlefield” series. IGN also said that the game “broad map and details are amazing.” Game Informer even called “Battlefield 2042” as “Must play.”

“Battlefield 2042” takes players into the near-future full-scale war experience. In a world with limited resources, the world’s powerful United States and Russia are in conflict, while refugees from disintegrated countries — unnaturalized people — struggle for survival. The main series of the game is the iconic “Levolution” and dynamic storms and environmental disasters, adding more action levels to the game, changing the battlefield and tactical deployment.

The story of “Battlefield 2042” will be told in a new way that has never been seen before in the series. Players can see the fascinating and fascinating role of a soldier in the “Battlefield” series-the “expert” from their perspective. world. They survived the biggest refugee crisis in history and are ready to compete for a place in this brand new world. Players can now become one of 10 battle-tested experts, each with their own unique expert characteristics and expertise, as well as fully customizable equipment. As an expert, players can use the most advanced weapons, equipment and vehicles to participate in the battle, provide a wealth of options for strategic planning, formulate the perfect strategic combination that best suits themselves and the team’s gameplay, and win the battlefield. The world created by “Battlefield 2042” can not only attract players who value the plot, but also attract all users who want to further enjoy the multiplayer gaming experience.

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Oskar Gabrielson, General Manager of DICE Studio, said: “Battlefield 2042 adds an innovative and modern first-person shooter method, allowing players to indulge in the vast worldview of the game. Our teams from all over the world have created an unparalleled Game experience, with new modes such as Battlefield Portal and Hazard Zone, as well as All-out Warfare, the classic battlefield favorite of all players returns, and through our battlefield experts The perspective tells a fascinating story. “Battlefield 2042″ is built with players in mind from beginning to end.”

When “Battlefield 2042” is released, there will be three unique and fascinating multiplayer game experiences, suitable for players of all game styles. Which contains:

All-out Warfare-the biggest map in the history of the main series, the return of fan favorite modes “Conquer” and “Breakthrough”, bringing “All-out Warfare” to 128 players* The scale of the battle has been elevated to an extremely thrilling and exciting realm. Among them are dynamic weather systems, environmental hazards and surprising world events, such as tornadoes raging across the map and sandstorms that obscure the sky.

Battlefield Portal (Battlefield Portal)-“Battlefield Portal (Battlefield Portal)” developed by Ripple Effect Studio, is a community-driven revolutionary game experience. Players can formulate rules of war and share their creations with other players. It has a powerful creative set, including settings, custom modes, and a logic editor for players to create, share and explore the experience of “Battlefield” based on their wild imagination. It is also full of familiar weapons, vehicles, equipment, and more content. The “Battlefield” builder tool allows players to create unique and fascinating games by themselves, and encourages you to create and experiment. Players can also match classic maps and objects from “Battlefield 1942”, “Battlefield: Notorious 2” and “Battlefield 3” to adjust and set their own “Battlefield 2042” complete battlefield rules.

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Hazard Zone-a new high-risk four-player mode with evacuation as the core. Players can create a unique team based on the characteristics and play styles of each expert. The goal is to recover data hard disks scattered on the battlefield. Players must achieve their goals while fighting against enemy teams with the same goals. They also have to deal with a variety of environmental challenges, including strong tornadoes that will strike at any time, and deadly “occupiers” that will snatch resources and warn neighboring enemies. “Hazard Zone” is a thrilling survival experience that can be played on all seven “Battlefield 2042” All-out Warfare maps.

Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042
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