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“Battlefield 2042” Dangerous Area Stopped | XFastest News

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“Battlefield 2042” Dangerous Area Stopped | XFastest News

DICE is no longer adding new content to Battlefield 2042’s “Danger Zone” mode, although it still works.

In the latest episode of the Developer Podcast, senior producer Ryan McArthur and creative director Lars Gustavsson revealed that the development team had high hopes for the mode, but it backfired, and it was better to focus resources and energy on the most popular gameplay. .

“Stopping is not shutting down, and Dangerous Zones mode is still part of the game experience. Unless critical bugs or bugs are addressed, this mode will no longer be updated, and new maps from the Season Pass will no longer be available for this mode.”

The first season of the game has been delayed from the beginning of the year to the present, and it will finally be released next month. The CEO of EA believes that Battlefield 2042 is a business worthy of long-term investment: “This is one of the most important IPs in the industry, built by a world-class development team, and we expect it to continue to grow and become a reliable future for our company. Heavyweight brand.”

In addition, Activision announced that this year’s new year’s product “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” will be released on October 28. In order to attract players, the heavyweight characters of the previous game gathered together, such as John Price and Simon Riley (Ghost), John MacTavish (Soap), Kyle Garrick (Gaz), and the local military force leader matching the plot is the Mexican special forces commander Alejandro Vargas .

This year’s new year will release a cross-platform version, showing that CoD has not given up on the previous generation of consoles, but PS4 and PS5 players will be the first to qualify for the public beta. Microsoft said earlier that the deal to acquire Activision will not affect established contracts, and that Activision will continue to enforce its exclusive content agreement with Sony.


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