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Battlefield 2042 is dirty and chaotic but it is the most promising shooter

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When you find yourself running amidst the explosions, amidst bullets and smoke along with sixty other players moving on the pitch with you, you are sure that something surprising will happen. Battlefield 2042 (PC and console) is not perfect, it is not (at least at the moment) balanced, but it is not yet another shooter. Ripple Effect Studios (formerly Dice) has created a war theater with a very high potential. Today’s game is a chaotic and dirty, disorganized game that will not appeal to FPS (First personal shooter) professionals, but realistic for those who imagine the battlefield as a ruthless and unfair place.

The three ways to face the theater of war

All-Out-Warfare wants to be the representation of war on a global scale on a PC screen or on a television. Theoretically it can accommodate 128 players. You are catapulted onto a map and you have to run towards the enemy. The modes are Conquest and Breakthrough. Let’s say it’s the experience most in line with the Battlefield franchise but also the most imperfect. Anything happens but that’s okay. If you are not practical, it is better to choose a doctor. For more tactical missions there is the Hazard Zone mode, where teamwork really matters more. There are eight teams of four players on the field competing to locate and collect hard drives that have fallen on the map. Finally, Portal takes you back in time to relive – with better graphics – some missions from past titles in the series such as the Battle on the Caspian in Battlefield 3 or El Alamein for Battlefield 1942.

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What we liked

The representation of war on a global scale on a PC screen or on a television requires care. Battlefield 2042, played on Xbox Series S, is smooth, spectacular and intense.

Battlefield 2042 gameplay in a video

What we didn’t like.

A few things are missing. A single player campaign, a sensible balance between vehicles and warriors, a greater calibration of some weapons, and the statistics at the end of the game that fans of the genre are used to. After a few hours, you are filled with the feeling that what happens will depend only in part on your military merits. This Battlefield episode is the most unfinished and disorganized of the saga. But perhaps also for this reason what will surprise us more over time.

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