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Because air taxis will become reaclà with autonomous driving

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It is now certain that the future of mobility will be that of small cars, initially in taxi service and later as a rental service. Therefore, the development of the technologies necessary to ensure that this future, so far only seen in science fiction films, has already begun to become reality.

On the occasion of the Aerospace & Defense Meetings, the event dedicated to aerospace that was recently held in Turin, Teoresi, a company founded in 1987 in the Piedmontese capital (and among the 10 selected by Amazon to collaborate in the development of new products based on Alexa’s voice interaction), presented his engineering experience, and his innovative method that moves from automotive to aerospace. On the other hand, future flying vehicles will be a kind of car-airplane or car-helicopter hybrid.

Drones-Taxi: the first summit on the mobility of the future in Rome

The Turin-based company proposes itself as a partner by providing “connect and use” solutions that can be efficiently applied to all industrial sectors, including the aerospace sector. Recently, Teoresi was admitted by the Board of the Piedmont Aerospace District among the members and had the opportunity to participate in the third “DAP Elevator Pitch”, an event dedicated to projects and business ideas for aerospace: “We develop software and algorithms of machine learning (a subsystem of artificial intelligence) for self-driving vehicles “- says Fabio Gadda, Teoresi Marketing Program Manager -” from cars to drones. In particular, we have created a simulator that allows you to train the algorithms that in the future can be used to fly the drones autonomously even in urban contexts “.
“This is still an area of ​​research” – adds Gadda – “in which it is important to invest right now because in addition to the evidence of technological complexity, the application context is steeped in crucial issues such as safety and ethics, which must be described by a legislation that presupposes a clear understanding of the potential and limits of artificial intelligence “.


Volocopter Air Taxi flies over Marina Bay in Singapore

by Vincenzo Borgomeo

What does the developed method consist of? : “It is called” cross fertilization “, due to the ability to transform skills from one area to another, intercepting the market drivers and trends that impact industries vertically” – explains Gadda – “Governance is a peculiar element of our company: in the context of the aerospace and defense sector, it is the ability to navigate a market made up of sensitive information, which has important repercussions on the civilian world, but which moves within government mechanisms “.

Modeling and simulation will therefore be the operational tools to be used to achieve innovation in this sector; at the same time, development cannot ignore the fielding of skills in response to the high safety standards required by the aerospace system. Is driving a car alone like driving a drone? “Obviously not – specifies the Teoresi Manager-“ It is a question of distilling these skills and technologies to transfer them to a contiguous market. Our experiences in the field of human-machine interaction, electric powertrain and autonomous driving can certainly be applied to the world of aircraft. One of the most interesting areas is that of urban air mobility which in the short term will lead to the use of drones for aircraft security checks at airports, while in the future we can think of a revolution in urban mobility, in which people and goods will be moved to the sky with flying taxis and driverless parcel delivery services ”.


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