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Because Dji Osmo Mobile 5 is the ideal companion for social video

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Dji Osmo Mobile 5 represents, as it is easy to guess, the fifth generation of the shooting stabilizer for smartphones that exploits the skills and the technology that the company has developed over years of work on drones: this fifth edition continues in the wake of the good things done in the previous models and actually represents a standard for those who want to create personal videos, vlogs or even more structured projects, using your phone.

But what what exactly changes compared to previous models? The first modification that catches the eye in the Osmo Mobile 5 is undoubtedly the integrated 20 cm selfie stick that can be used for new shooting or panoramic solutions that until now were not possible, except by screwing a rod into the lower part or an easel. The extendable arm is a very welcome addition because it makes the device more versatile, expands its expressive possibilities and allows you to perform smoother movements without risking the phone touching the handle. The latter has also changed, it is less ergonomic and straighter than previous models, without this changing the experience of use or the comfort of use too much, if not for a change that could annoy many lovers of previous models: the disappearance of the analog stick.


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In the previous Osmo there was a stick similar to that of gamepads with which to manage the horizontal and vertical rotation speed, which guaranteed total control over these movements. Now you have to select the speed directly from the app between Slow, Medium and Fast. From a certain point of view it is a convenient solution for novice users, on the other hand it erodes a little the degree of control over movements for those who loved to manage everything independently, avoiding having to enter the app every time.

It’s not over: the introduction of the selfie stick, and therefore the need to have a space to retract it in the handle, has compromised battery capacity, with the duration going from 10-12 hours of the previous models to the 6 declared for this fifth edition. It is not a drama, because this type of product is hardly used for so long consecutively, but it is good to take it into account in cases where you find yourself staying away from home a lot to follow a project. The real problem is that with the reduced capacity the Dji Osmo 5 is no longer able to perform the function of an external battery. The advantage is that so the weight decreased of about 100 grams.

The magnetic attachment system remains unchanged and compatible with previous models: you do not have to fix the phone directly to the stabilizer, but to a caliper with a magnetic back which then connects securely to the main body. For this fifth edition, DJI has also thought of an optional magnetic support that includes two LEDs, so as to provide one small light source for darker scenes. Obviously, the same capabilities as a real spotlight cannot be expected, but it can be a useful solution if lighting is scarce. But be careful: the LEDs can only frame the face of the camera, not the scene in front of them, unless the whole phone is turned over.

All of this is made even more powerful by integrating with the Dji Mimo app, which adds a series of extra functions: inside there is a series of mini guides to make the most of the device, some preset functions to create cinematic-style camera movements and useful functions such as timelapse, motionlapse, panoramic photos, DynamicZoom (something similar to the zoom of a very famous scene from the movie The Jaws, to understand each other) e ActiveTrack, now in its fourth edition, which allows you to keep the shot on a moving subject, be it a person or an object.

The Osmo Mobile 5 is perfect for those looking for a combined solution between selfie stick and stabilizer, for those looking for a neat, compact product that can be used in many both professional and personal contexts. Some may prefer the previous versions, which even if not produced are still on the market, perhaps discounted, but in general we are faced with the reason why the Osmo series has been and remains the reference point for this type of products: it is an excellent fusion of hardware and software which makes life easier.


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