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Because sitting all the time increases the risk to the heart

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Because sitting all the time increases the risk to the heart

“Tell me how long you stay in a chair and I’ll tell you how much your risk of developing cardiovascular disease increases”. In the future, with this simple question, we could really come to define who is most in danger of going through heart attacks and heart failure potentially lethal. In fact, the more the daily time spent on chairs, sofas or similar increases (and in any case without moving), the greater the risk of developing problems of this type.

To report this is a great research appeared on Jama Cardiology, which examined over 100,000 people in more than twenty different countries, calculating the daily time of real sedentary lifestyle, in the sense of how long they were sitting. Result: those who remain in the chair for six to eight hours a day would see the risk of developing cardiovascular problems rise by at least 12 percent in the years to come, as well as premature death. It is even worse if you exceed the quota of eight hours a day with the backs rested on the chair, with a risk that can rise up to 20 percent.

Let’s move even when standing still

It takes very little to not keep the body in the same position for a long time. For example, it is useful to impose on cross your legs frequentlyin a sort of exercise, albeit seated, which in some way offers a stimulus to muscles and joints.

The important thing is not to stay in the same position for a long time, perhaps in front of the TV or a computer screen. This is just a simple piece of advice, the ideal is to make sure you regularly carve out the time for a walk even if the work forces us to remain in the same position. Otherwise you really risk your health.

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The research, coordinated by experts from Simon Fraser University and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in Beijing, followed all these people for 11 years, also noting that in the lower-income areas the effects of this pernicious sedentary lifestyle were even more pronounced. probably because they are linked to unhealthy lifestyles. The important thing is to break up the time dedicated to the classic position of the travet with exercise, dedicating the right time to physical activity. In fact, the research clearly shows that by dividing the population of sedentary people out of necessity among those who still managed to dedicate time to physical activity during the day, the risk rate drops significantly, while it tended to rise a lot among those who do not practice any activity. of energy expenditure and exercise as well as staying in the same position for a long time.

General tip: if work requires you to sit at your desk for many hours, make sure you dedicate enough time to the gym, walk, run or swim in the pool. The heart and not only will warmly thank you for your commitment. According to experts, in fact, this sedentary lifestyle imposed by circumstances and laziness risks becoming a real threat to cardiovascular health, with a risk index that is even close to that of smoking.

Spend time on the move

Choose what you like best. But don’t always stand still. In the gym, for example, the goal must be twofold: improve the “breath”that is, carrying out mainly aerobic activities, strengthen your muscles increasing the presence of muscle tissue to replace fat. In theory, these two objectives should go hand in hand in the gym and the sessions should also be divided equally on both sides. Three or four gym workouts a week, lasting 20-40 minutes each, are recommended.

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On the front ofaerobic activity the old but still valid stationary bike is fine, with pedaling efforts programmed to avoid creating dangerous overloads of activity for the heart, the rowing machine, which mimics the activity of rowing and especially strengthens the muscles of the upper body (pay attention only to those who has back pain, given that especially in the first months of activity there is a risk of accentuating the ailments), up to the most modern steps to go up and down in time to music and to the treadmill.

Given the season, also bet on I swim. Movement in the water, especially if the styles are changed during a session, allows the different muscle groups to develop harmoniously. In addition, an hour in the pool, at least three times a week, allows for a valid energy expenditure. Suffice it to say that those who have a valid technique can consume even 600 calories per hour swimming without jerks and continuously, and that the energy expenditure can be even higher for those who are beginners in the aquatic environment. The movements must be as fluid, smooth and continuous as possible. And above all, delayed over time, and changing style several times, you can strengthen muscles and breathing, getting more oxygen to the heart and getting it used to the effort. In addition to consuming too many calories.

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