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Because with autumn, melancholy and anxiety return

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Because with autumn, melancholy and anxiety return

breaking latest news – Like it or not, autumn has arrived. And psychologists argue that “the feelings that often emerge in the fall stem from our discomfort with change and with anxiety and uncertainty about what that change will bring“, So that” the melancholy we feel is a form of pain, the mourning for the dimming sunlight, the tranquility of the summer that goes away with the green of the hot season “, describes the new phase the New York Times. But all is not lost.

Per Jelena Kecmanovic, founder of the Arlington/DC Behavior Therapy Institute, autumn remembers “the exploration of the mountains” near his home in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, where he spent the first 20 years of his life, during one of the country’s most prosperous times.

Today, writes the Times, “she is an expert on resilience, a concept centered on the ability to adapt to challenging life experiences”, while Dr. Kecmanovic describes autumn as “the season in which we can work on our acceptance of uncertainty “embracing that unstable feeling we may experience as we leave the summer.

In short, psychologists have discovered that the thought of change, the end of one thing and the beginning of another, perhaps our own idea of ​​vulnerability, “Are the basis of a great deal of anxiety”.

A huge amount of research has shown that “Intolerance for anguish, for discomfort, precariousness, uncertainty, predicts negative results in the long term“, says Dr. Kecmanovic, who stresses:” But those little moments of uncertainty will increase exposure, a tolerance and perhaps even an appreciation of the moments when you don’t know what to expect and you feel out of control. “

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Observes the New York daily: “There are also other ways to deal with the changing seasons. Another one The suggested strategy for calming seasonal anxiety is to “take a step back” and simply observe the world around you: “Sit quietly on a park bench and watch a tree drop its leaves, for example.”

According to Kecmanovic “intertwining larger themes of nature and purpose in moments of serene meditation can help calm the sense of anxiety around uncertainty and place it in a broader perspective”.

While for Jana Long, co-founder of the Black Yoga Teacher’s Alliance in Baltimore, “autumn is the time for samyama, a yoga concept that refers to meditative practice of observing an object and being absorbed in iti ”, so much so that in these moments“ it is important to stop thinking, analyzing or having discussions about work or problems or whatever you are witnessing ”.

The moral? Is that “Practicing mindfulness can change the way you see your lives” and “to find a sense of peace when we need it”.

Only in this way, perhaps, “autumn will probably always keep a breath of decay and mortality for humans”. But embracing that sadness is important for psychologists. Then? Better to let yourself go to the melancholies of autumn.

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