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Before La Scala, Don Carlo is on stage: 13 minutes of applause. Man shouts “Long live anti-fascist Italy”: identified by Digos

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Before La Scala, Don Carlo is on stage: 13 minutes of applause.  Man shouts “Long live anti-fascist Italy”: identified by Digos

01.23 The man who shouted ‘Long live anti-fascist Italy’ identified by Digos

The spectator who shouted ‘Long live anti-fascist Italy’ before the start of the Prima della Scala was identified by Digos. “I laughed at it, I told the officers that they would have to tie me up and arrest me if I had said ‘long live fascist Italy’ but no,” Marco Vizzardelli, a 65-year-old journalist who covers horse racing, told ANSA. , a great fan of La Scala.

Vizzardelli explained that «halfway through the first act an individual approached and I understood that it was an undercover officer. I got a little scared and he made a gesture to me to stay calm.” “At the end of the act – he continues – he showed me his card and told me that he wanted to identify me but I replied that I had done nothing wrong and that it didn’t make any sense given that we are in a democratic country”. During the interval «I went into the foyer and there four of them stopped me: they told me that they were from Digos and that they had to identify me. I reiterated that it didn’t make sense and then I laughed it off, explaining that they would have to tie me up and arrest me if I said ‘long live fascist Italy’. They laughed too but told me they had to do it that way. And so they photographed my identity card.” Vizzardelli explained that he is a great fan of La Scala: «The half of my life that I don’t spend following horses, I spend following music and La Scala».

7 Dec – 10.51pm Thirteen minutes of applause

Thirteen minutes of applause for Giuseppe Verdi’s Don Carlo, conducted by maestro Riccardo Chailly and directed by Lluís Pasqual, which inaugurated the season of the Teatro alla Scala. When the director left there was some disapproval with some shouts of ‘boo’.

7 Dec – 10.24pm The first performance of ‘Don Carlo by Giuseppe Verdì ended at 10.16pm

The first performance of Giuseppe Verdì’s ‘Don Carlo’ ended at 10.16pm, which opened the 2023/2024 season of the Teatro alla Scala this evening.

7 Dec – 10.02pm Vanoni: “It’s not a work that I like”

«It’s not an opera that I like, it lasts beyond measure»: this is Ornella Vanoni’s comment on Don Carlo which opens Piermarini’s season

7 Dec – 10.01pm An unusual evening

The premiere at La Scala was an unusual evening, which this year opened the season with Don Carlo directed by Riccardo Chailly. Unusual for the presence in the royal box, where the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella usually sits, who was unable to attend, of the senator for life Liliana Segre, seated next to the mayor Giuseppe Sala, and next to the president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa. Unusual for the shouts that started from the gallery, ‘No to fascism’ before Mameli’s anthem and ‘Long live Italy anti-fascism’ afterwards. Unusual for the illness of bass Michele Pertusi who, despite his voice problems, continued to perform. Unusual for the no, announced yesterday, of the representatives of CGIL and Anpi della Scala to an institutional greeting with La Russa, who this evening did not come down, as usually happens, to the dressing rooms to greet the artists. Only the mayor and the superintendent Dominique Meyer went together with the minister Gennaro Sangiuliano and the undersecretary Gianmarco Mazzi to congratulate maestro Chailly. We understood that some tension was in the air yesterday, when a back and forth over the seats in the royal box went on all day, which ended with the decision to put Liliana Segre in the place of honor. A choice that everyone agreed on, from Undersecretary Mazzi who spoke of a “more than necessary” act to the Minister of Reforms Maria Elisabetta Casellati who considers “her friend” Segre “an example”. The senator for life has avoided any controversy. «The mayor and La Russa have kindly asked me to come to the royal box» she said, glossing over the hypothetical arrangements (first stage, then stalls, finally the royal box). «I miss Mattarella. He always invited me into the royal box during intermissions. I have no brothers or sisters but I love him like a brother”, she added. And like the Head of State, Segre received applause from the audience when she entered. The controversy was opened by the shouts of ‘no to fascism’ and ‘Long live Italy anti-fascism’ coming from the gallery. “If someone comes to La Scala to shout or to the Ambroginos to whistle, they have a problem – commented Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini – You come to La Scala to listen, not to shout”. Comment similar to that of the Lombard governor Attilio Fontana: ‘music wins, La Scalà wins. Only “controversy” for Mediaset president Fedele Confalonieri, convinced that “when the left has power, no one contests”. «In such a prestigious temple of culture like La Scala, I really hope that no one felt offended by the cry long live anti-fascist Italy» joked Nicola Fratoianni of the Alleanza Verdi Sinistra. “I didn’t hear it,” said La Russa, who during the intervals remained in the royal box where he, among other things, chatted with Liliana Segre and where he stopped by to greet the director Pedro Almodovar with Louis Garrel. «Music has swept away the controversy» according to Geronimo La Russa. “Beautiful” music according to Liliana Segre, who recalled her passion for music that began when she went to the gallery as a young girl and gradually went down. She becomes the protagonist, perhaps despite herself, in the royal box.

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7 Dec – 9.36pm La Russa: “I avoided controversy”

«I have never raised an eyebrow of controversy in this matter because I understood that it was a logistical problem and not a political one. So I abstained from any controversy, perhaps by abstaining I contributed to resolving it”: this is what the President of the Senate Ignazio La Russa said, who is attending the premiere of Don Carlo at La Scala from the royal box, where yesterday there was a succession of hypotheses about the distribution of seats , then concluded with the arrival of senator for life Liliana Segre in the central position. “I’m liking the opera a lot, the second act more than the first, it was more engaging and then this traditional direction – he added – I like it more than the slightly innovative ones.”

7 Dec – 9.19pm The public reaction

«Bravo, bravo»: this is how the audience at La Scala reacted, amid thunderous applause, to the address of the bass Michele Pertusi (Philip II of Spain), protagonist of the first solo of the third after. Shortly before, superintendent Dominique Meyer had announced that the singer had experienced a sudden lowering of his voice but that he had “courageously” decided to carry on.

7 Dec – 9.11pm Bass Pertusi is ill but continues

«Michele Pertusi suddenly suffered a throat health problem. He will continue with the performance with great courage but he will need your support”: this is how the superintendent of La Scala Dominique Meyer announced before the curtain rose on the third and fourth act of Don Carlo that the short parmesan will continue despite the difficulties in interpreting the role of Philip II.

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7 Dec – 9.01pm La Russa: «Shout no to fascism? I didn’t hear it.”

«I didn’t hear it»: the president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa thus explained in the second interval of Don Carlo that he had not heard the cry ‘No to fascism’ and ‘Long live Italy anti-fascism’ shouted from the gallery before the start of the opera at La Scala.

7 Dec – 9.01pm Segre: «I miss Mattarella, he’s like a brother»

«I miss Mattarella. I have no brothers or sisters but I love them like a brother”: this is how Senator for life Liliana Segre spoke about the Prima della Scala, which she attended sitting in the seat that usually belongs to the Head of State. «I like the evening very much. I am a regular at La Scala, I went to the gallery and slowly went down to the stalls » she adds. This year «kindly – he concludes – the mayor and La Russa asked me to come to the royal box. I miss Mattarella. He always invited me into the royal box during intermissions. I have no brothers or sisters but I love him like a brother.”

7 Dec – 8.27pm Mild illness for a spectator

An elderly spectator felt slightly unwell while attending the premiere of Don Carlo at La Scala. The 118 rescuers arrived at the theater and provided the necessary treatment.

7 Dec – 8.12pm Bolle: “The Opera is beautiful”

«There is no great movement on stage but the work is beautiful»: thus the dancer Roberto Bolle at the first interval of the Prima della Scala. «Beautiful first interval, with an elegant staging that is a pleasure to see – he added – the beautiful scenes and the extraordinary performers».

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7 Dec – 8.10pm First interval of Don Carlo

The president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa did not leave the royal box during the first interval of Don Carlo which inaugurates the opera season of La Scala. The president stopped to speak in the backstage, among other things with the senator for life Liliana Segre. He therefore did not go to Riccardo Chailly’s dressing room to greet the maestro as initially hypothesized and as traditionally happens. Instead, the mayor Giuseppe Sala, the superintendent Dominique Meyer and the minister of culture Gennaro Sangiuliano went. Yesterday the representatives of the CGIL and Anpi Scala had said that they would not participate in a possible greeting with the president of the Senate.

7 Dec – 5.53pm Segre: “I have always been a lover of opera”

«I have always been a lover of opera, I have been a season ticket holder at La Scala for many years and I started from the gallery. This is a point to remember.” Senator Liliana Segre told beraking latest news when entering the Prima della Scala.

7 Dec – 5.40pm Protests in the afternoon

In Piazza della Scala in Milan, several groups of demonstrators gathered this afternoon, on the occasion of the premiere of ‘Don Carlo’. In front of the theatre, on the side of Palazzo Marino, the flags of the autonomous grassroots union Cub are flying which, as explained by the secretary Mattia Scolsri, has decided to bring «the voice of the workers to the streets as opposed to the powerful and politicians who will be present to the First”. Also present was a Ukrainian woman wearing a scarf in the colors of the flag and a sign saying “no to concerts by singer Anna Netrebko: the artist linked to Putin’s regime”, who will go on stage this evening to play Elizabeth of Valois. In addition to some activists demonstrating for housing rights, workers from the entertainment world also took to the streets to ask for severance pay.

7 Dec – 5.38pm Many guests in red for the victims of femicide

At the staircase with a thought for Giulia Cecchettin and Giulia Tramontano and all the victims of femicide: this is the choice of some guests of the Premiere who wanted to dispel the tradition that prohibits red in the theater to send a message against violence against women. Sabina Negri, playwright, wore red shoes and in front of Piermarini took her keys out of her bag to make noise as requested by Giulia Cecchettin’s sister, while plastic surgeon Dvora Ancona had a red dress made by Antonio Riva. Among the guests, also a lady with a red mark on her face.

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