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Benevento Gazette

The Sannita League has raised concerns about the deteriorating healthcare situation in Benevento, highlighting the escapes of doctors from the “San Pio” hospital and the struggles faced by the Sant’Agata hospital. The absence of doctors on board ambulances and a chronic shortage of medical-nursing staff are compounding the challenges, leading to long waiting lists for specialist visits and exhausted health tickets.

In a statement by the provincial coordinator of the Sannita League, Luigi Bocchino, and other local administrators and managers, the need to review the business plan of the Benevento Local Health Authority was emphasized. The League called for the return of doctors on board ambulances and urged the mayor of Benevento to reconsider the support for the minimalist projects of the ASL Volpe director.

The League also criticized the indifference of regional councilor for Health, De Luca, towards the healthcare crisis in Sannio, pointing out that he failed to respond to questions raised by the Lega Group of the Campania Region. The League vowed to mobilize the public and intervene in ministries to address the healthcare crisis and ensure that Samnite citizens receive the same health benefits as others in Campania.

The Sannita League emphasized the importance of activating the Sant’Agata Hospital and ensuring the real functioning of the “Sant’Alfonso Maria de’ Liguori” to address the unique challenges faced by the region. The League called for concrete actions to be taken to address the healthcare crisis and provide relief to the people of Benevento.

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