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BeReal is the most downloaded app of the moment in the United States

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BeReal is the most downloaded app of the moment in the United States

Scrolling through the list of the most downloaded applications on the App Store in the United States is likely to be surprised, in these days of mid-summer: at position number 1 there is no Amazon, TikTok or Shein but there is BeReala social network that debuted only 18 months ago in France and is also available in Italy.

In the last few hours, the platform has literally exploded on the other side of the ocean. According to as reported in the newsletter of the US journalist Casey Newton, has been downloaded, since its debut, almost 30 million times in the USA: 330 thousand of these downloads occurred on Sunday 17 July alone. It is a success that has also arrived in our country: at the moment, BeReal is sixth among the social network apps for iOS, behind only the well-known WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and the like.

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How BeReal and Dispo work, the social networks that Gen Z and Millennials like

by Emanuele Capone

What are the secrets of BeReal’s success

BeReal is a particular social network, which was born with an idea that actually goes against it the structure of the platforms in recent years (as we had already told in April): you can post only once a day, when the application decides. At that moment, a 2-minute timer appears in which to take a photo that tells what you are doing, simultaneously from the front and rear cameras.

After that time frame is over, it’s still possible to post, but followers will know that photo was taken late. Also, other people’s shots they cannot be seen unless shared something, which is a way to fight at the root the phenomenon of the so-called lurkers, or those who use social media only passively, spying on others without contributing. This makes BeReal extremely fun to hang out with, because you can find everything there, depending on the time of day where the notification arrives. There are breakfasts, dinners, moments in traffic, moments of authentic everyday life that escape the dynamics of direction and editing of social networks such as TikTok or Instagram.

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This being an anti-social social it is certainly one of the secrets of BeReal’s success, which was able to identify a trend, that is, a certain disaffection towards the perfect lives told on the Web, and transform it into a platform that works, with a well-defined identity. Like many other social networks it is distinguished by a strong main feature (the two minutes are reminiscent of the 140 characters of Twitter or the 15 seconds of TikTok) within which people try to build content suitable for that space.

According to US journalist Ryan Broderick, another ingredient is the idea of ​​simultaneity: just like Wordle, BeReal offers a shared experience, as if everyone was doing the same thing at the same time. Which is a feature that seems to work in an increasingly fragmented and personalized Internet.

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