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Berlusconi, second quiet night at the San Raffaele – Politics

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Berlusconi, second quiet night at the San Raffaele – Politics

Silvio Berlusconi spent a quiet nighta, the second in intensive care at San Raffaele in Milan after hospitalization on Wednesday. According to what filters into hospital environments, the Knight reacts well to the treatments and will undergo new tests today. The attention of
doctors remains high on lung infection, a consequence of a strong general weakening. At the moment they are not foreseen
medical bulletins.

Yesterday sources close to Berlusconi informed that the leader of Forza Italia is following the therapies at San Raffaele and is vigilant. His conditions, they underlined, “are today registering an encouraging improvement compared to yesterday. Although the situation requires the utmost caution, the former prime minister is reportedly reacting positively to the antibiotic therapy decided to treat the pneumonia that has arisen in recent days”. “The form of chronic leukemia from which he has been suffering for some time – as reported by the same sources – however, would not be rare for subjects of his age and is normally treated with minimally invasive therapies, allowing for an almost normal quality of life”.

Prime Minister Giorgia Melonias far as we know, Silvio Berlusconi heard during the day. The Prime Minister called the leader of Forza Italia expressing her encouragement and wishing him a speedy recovery. Afterwards,surprise phone call during the Council of Ministers, Berlusconi calls and speaks with the prime minister Giorgia Meloni and with the deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini. “It is the most beautiful phone call I could receive”, commented Salvini who reiterated to the president of Forza Italia: “We wait for you soon”.

Yesterday they returned to the San Raffaele hospital in Milano Marina and Paolo Berlusconi, the eldest daughter and brother of Silvio Berlusconi who has been hospitalized since yesterday in intensive care in the facility. In the afternoon they also arrived Barbara e Pier Silvio: the president of Mediaset entered on foot from an entrance to the structure but did not want to make statements to the press. The president of Forza Italia also visited Faithful Confalonieri president of Mediaset. With him too Marcello Dell’Utri together with the president of Mediaset, Fedele Confalonieri, to visit Silvio Berlusconi at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan, where the former prime minister has been hospitalized since yesterday. The former senator and lifelong friend left the facility together with Confalonieri walking a short stretch of road, then the two said goodbye and got into two different cars. “There is concern but we are optimistic”. This was stated by the president of Mediaset Fedele Confalonieri speaking to reporters as he left the San Raffaele in Milan where he visited his friend Silvio Berlusconi. How did you see it today? “Much better” than yesterday. “There are doctors – Confalonieri concluded, pressed by reporters who asked him for news -. He was sleeping”. Also at San Raffaele Adrian Gallianithe managing director of Monza.

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Thumbs up by Luigi Berlusconi from behind the windows of his car, leaving the San Raffaele where his father Silvio is hospitalized. Even the first daughter Marina has just left the structure while her sister Barbara is still inside with the former prime minister.

Berlusconi’s brother Paolo: ‘We are confident’

We are more relieved, there is an improvement. We are confident”. So Paolo, Silvio Berlusconi’s brother, spoke to reporters as he left the San Raffaele hospital in Milan, where he visited the former premier hospitalized since yesterday. “She is resting,” she concluded. “We are aware that he’s being treated in the best possible way and so we’re confident, then there’s the medical bulletin that was issued and it explains the whole situation, so we’re confident”. So Paolo spoke to reporters outside the San Raffaele hospital in Milan. “We are really aware that it is taken care of in the best way, this gives us the guarantee that it is treated very well and we are confident that this time too my brother will come out stronger than before,” he concluded.

“He’s a lion”: this is what Pier Silvio, Silvio Berlusconi’s second son, said, smiling at reporters before getting into the car and leaving the San Raffaele.

The situation remains complex but stable for Berlusconi hospitalized since yesterday at San Raffaele. The night passed with no news, the former prime minister is always awake, we learned in the morning in circles close to the former prime minister that he is continuing intensive therapy to re-establish correct blood oxygenation.

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He started the chemotherapy to fight a form of leukaemia that hit him and forced his hospitalization. The first administration took place yesterday, after hospitalization. His conditions, according to what we learn, remain stable.

“I spoke to Professor Zangrillo this morning, he told me that Silvio Berlusconi spent a quiet night, conditions are stable. The best way for us to stay close to him is to work on the territorial reorganization in view of the administrative elections in May, as he said in several messages in recent days”. The deputy prime minister and foreign minister said so Antonio Tajani to Uno Mattina on Rai 1. “Berlusconi worked until the day before last night. We hope that the lion will soon return to lead the party, he never gives up. He is the leader of our party, he is the leader of Fi”. Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani declared on One morning on Rai 1. “We are busy in anticipation of a Forza Italia event in May, we are working on territorial reorganization and the strengthening of the party to have a more widespread presence on the territory. He was really very active until the day before last night. We all want to be optimistic“, he added.

“President Berlusconi has found a posthumous infection of something he already had. He had been hospitalized for tests, I understand that he spent a quiet night and in the next few hours we will understand the evolution. We hope positive. The president wants Forza Italia’s activity to go ahead quickly and not to stop. Berlusconi is vigilant. We are in contact with him, the demonstration of 5 and 6 May is confirmed. I worked with him until midnight on Saturday: Berlusconi is a very active person, in love with Forza Italia”. the group leader in the Chamber of Fi, Paolo Barellito the microphones of Rtl 102.5 “I don’t understand what they are saying about leukaemia. The whole world is worried about Berlusconi, who is leaving his mark with his activity. Today there will be a medical bulletin which I hope will give relief. allo Spiegel to France24, from El Pais in Al Jazeera and even in the Australian News.

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