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“Between illness and holidays, I stay home until December. The tampons? too expensive”

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Sofia – the name is fictional – municipal employee, in Rome, in her fifties, is not vaccinated, therefore she does not have a green pass. On Friday, however, the obligation of “green” certification will be launched for all workers: about 23 million, including 14 million and 700 thousand employees in the private sector. And the measure will last at least until 31 December, the date scheduled for the end of the state of emergency. We reached Sofia to understand how she plans to organize herself to face these days.

How will you do when the green pass becomes mandatory to go to the office?

«The critical date is that of Friday. In the first days I will do a couple of tampons, then I will play with cunning, taking the sick days, the holidays, the hours of work that I have to recover. To be clear, if I have to make up thirty hours, because I worked overtime, I’ll take them all. Using ten days of sickness, added to the two tampons, in fact, I already arrive at the end of October. I have two months left, but between holidays, recoveries of holidays and so on, I should be able to arrive, without any difficulty, until 31 December, when the obligation will end with the exit from the state of emergency. Of course, at the end of these months I will still be exhausted. The vaccinated colleagues, however, bully and if the mask is slightly lowered they will call you back immediately. They say terrible things, starting from the fact that if I take Covid, I will die and phrases of this type ».

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Wouldn’t it be easier to make tampons?

“It would be expensive. A municipal employee earns 1500 euros. The tampon is valid for 48 hours, so every week I should do two or three. They cost fifteen euros each. In pharmacies, there are also packages of ten tampons for 100 euros. At the end of the month, counting, however, the expense would still be high, let’s say that, if I had to go to work every day, the sum destined for the tampons would be around 200 euros. And, therefore, it would make itself felt on the family budget. We think of families in which only one has a salary, or of singles but also of those who have children. It is not a sustainable additional expense. I have seen colleagues counting to the last cent of their salary, who don’t even go to buy something to be careful about the money, start crying at the idea of ​​this new expense ».

Penalty green pass. Checks, tampons and sanctions: this is how we go to work from Friday

Why don’t you get vaccinated?

“It’s an ideological question and I also have health reasons. I have a pathology that would expose me to the risk of thrombosis, and therefore, I say it clearly: I like to live, I certainly don’t put myself in danger. I repeat, I would not do it, even if I were sure I was not in any danger. I take my precautions, I respect distances, I wear a mask, I drink lots of orange juice, I take vitamin C. I have never been ill ».

Have you tried to consider alternative solutions to not stay at home but still go to the office?

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«I also turned to the Syndicate but I didn’t get any help, on the contrary, they got angry because I don’t want to get vaccinated and they told me to do it. I asked to be able to work in smart working but I am not allowed. They say it can’t be done anymore. Because? I could do my job well even from home ».

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