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Beware of foods rich in sugars and fats, new scientific discovery: they modify the brain

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Beware of foods rich in sugars and fats, new scientific discovery: they modify the brain

Do you like foods high in sugar and fat? Warning: new scientific research has highlighted truly worrying risks.

Most of us love well-seasoned foods and even those high in sugar. Needless to lie: a slice of chocolate cake is certainly more inviting than a plate of carrots. Eating foods high in sugar and fat, however, is very dangerous for our health. A new study has shown that the risks concern not only the body but also the brain. Let’s find out together what it is.

Sugars and fats have effects both on the body and on the brain/ Grantennistoscana.it

Not loving sweets, at least sometimes, is impossible. Foods high in sugar and fat everyone likes them a bit. Faced with a salad and a slice of cake, very few have doubts about which dish is the most inviting.

No food should be demonized. A healthy and balanced diet, in fact, provides for the daily introduction of vitamins, mineral salts, proteins, fats and even sugars. However, it is also necessary to understand the origin of these substances because sugars from fruit certainly do not have the same effects as sugars from sweets. A group of researchers conducted a study to understand the effects that foods high in sugar and fat they have not only on our physique but also on our brain. The results are disturbing to say the least.

That’s what sugars and fats do to the brain

Have you ever thought that our choices could be influenced by what we eat? Seems impossible right? Instead it is exactly what has emerged from a recent scientific study. Our brain is influenced by food that we bring to the table.

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Sugars and fats are addictive/ Grantennistoscana.it

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Metabolism Research in Cologne, in collaboration with Yale University, have shown that foods with a high content of fats and sugars change our brain. Basically eating these foods every day, even if in small quantities, makes us addicted to sugars and fats.

This also explains why many weight loss diets fail: why those foods become like a drug for us which we can no longer do without. But why do we like sugars and fats so much?According to the study data, our tendency to eat foods rich in fats and sugars could be innate or we could develop it in the very first years of age. That’s why it’s not recommended to give foods with sugars and fats to children, unless it’s fruit sugars or good fats like extra virgin olive oil and dried fruit.

Researchers have divided the volunteers into two groups: One group was given a small pudding containing a lot of fat and sugar for 8 weeks. The other group, however, received a pudding that contained the same number of calories but less fat and less sugar. The volunteers’ brain activity was measured before and during the eight weeks.

At the end of the study it emerged that the brains of the volunteers who had eaten the pudding rich in sugars and fats for 8 weeks were much more reactive to the sight of sweets. According to scientists, therefore, what we eat creates new connections in the brain which, in turn, creates new addictions and habits from which it is then very difficult to break free. From here the importance of following a healthy diet.

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