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beware of sauce ready for physical risk

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beware of sauce ready for physical risk

The official website of the Ministry of Health has published a new food recall for physical risk concerning a well-known sauce.

Food recall (Unsplash)

The Ministry of Health has published a new one on its official website food recall. The case this time concerns the possible physical risk within a well-known seasoning sauce. The product itself is not dangerous but the possible chemical reaction formed inside the package. Below are all the details of the recall.

Food recall: possible physical risk for the ready sauce

chili sauce lure card
Food recall card (Screen Ministry of Health)


The food recall was made on October 2, 2022 and appeared on the site on October 3. The affected product is Zero Sauce 0% Sewwt Chili Sauce marketed by Action Italy SRL. The manufacturer’s name is Nutri-Dynamics and the location where the mistake was made is located in the Netherlands.

The protagonist lots of the recall concern the 250 ml packs and those with the expiration date at: 01/2024, 02/2024, 03/2024. As mentioned, the reason for this recall does not concern the danger of the product itself but of one possible chemical reaction that has formed inside the packaging. In fact, the lactic acid bacteria may have caused the package to swell, which may have been under pressure and consequently the contents can leak out and injure the final consumer.

Among the warnings indicated in the food recall sheet, the Ministry of Health and the manufacturer underline the fact that the product is not dangerous if consumed, however it is possible to proceed to report the article indicated at the point of sale to receive a refund. In order not to encounter possible risks, it is better to follow the published instructions and if you have not opened the package it is better to bring it back. The chemical reaction produced can injure the consumer and is therefore considered dangerous. L’lactic acid is a chemical compound that takes part in several relevant biochemical processes and is used as an additive in the food industry.

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