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Beware of the scam: I was an influencer and I didn’t know it

by admin

I thought that we journalists had by now lost most of our credibility and instead I realize that even I can become a glutton bait to entice you to invest on obscure financial products. And in fact, in the late afternoon of May 23, I learned that I had been interviewed by a site that I do not know and from the unacceptable address, where I read a interview that I never gave and so, by reading things that I didn’t say, I also discovered that I have magnified a cryptocurrency that I don’t know exists.

Forgive me if I do not mention names and I remain vague on the contents (I reserve the details for the complaint, which I am already preparing), but I do not want to give undeserved popularity to the pirates of the web. Instead, I want to let it be known, once more, that the scammers (my colleagues Stefano Elli and Marco lo Conte call them Serpenti Corallo, very poisonous) are devising increasingly sophisticated means to deceive data, money and anything else that can be stolen via the internet. .


The site, however, is really pretty, with a fake “Repubblica” header (imitated so-so), a fake screen of Rainews24 (with the typo in the overlay, come on, what sloppiness) and a long interview with me, complete with photo, in the Radio24 studios and then in another photo that I remember taking to present, with Debora Rosciani, our first book written by four hands.

I must say that I make a good impression, I look really credible, a middle-aged but well-preserved journalist, with a reassuring silver hair, an attentive look and ready to reveal who knows what secrets. And so, turned into an influencer without my knowledge, can be used to convince someone to click, invest, be robbed.

Dear photo and phrase thieves, probably also money thieves, I hope the Postal Police will catch you. Or take the Coral Serpent for you.

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