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Beware of these cockroaches: they are the most dangerous

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Beware of these cockroaches: they are the most dangerous

Cockroaches are, as we all know, dangerous parasites for human health. In the search for groped food and water can easily access even in combination with what we consume or quench our thirst.

Cockroaches thus unfortunately can infect the entire environment around us and above all the food we eat. The environments most at risk both in private homes and in companies are especially the kitchen and the bathroom. The infection occurs through the faeces and saliva of these insects that can pass diseases to domestic animals and to people who are in the infected environment.

Beware of these cockroaches: they are the most dangerous

First of all, it is very important to hunt the specimens that are already in the house and in the environments in which you work, but it is also essential to find and remove all the cockroach eggs to avoid their reproduction. Cockroaches place them in dark and hidden areas, far from our sight. The areas where it is easier to see the eggs are: basements, bathrooms, attics, wardrobes, furniture, inside electrical appliances or adjacent to trash or paper bags.

The most dangerous cockroaches are: German cockroach, Oriental cockroach, Brown cockroach and Red cockroach. Cockroaches or cockroaches are harmful, they cause damage to health due to the infection of pathogenic organisms. There are many virtually infectious diseases: multiple food contaminations, hepatitis, salmonella, tapeworm, typhoid, bronchial hyperreactivity, various allergies, constipation, TB, cholera and gastroenteritis. Cockroaches cannot survive without water for more than a week.

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Remove traces of damp from the kitchen and bathroom. Rejecting the entry of water by plugging the sink drain. To hinder cockroaches from getting food for this reason it is suggested to always keep food in sealed food containers.

The possibilities for removing cockroaches are different: insecticide sprays, baits and traps for cockroaches, ultrasonic repellants, concentrated pesticides and finally specific repellants. So here are which are the most dangerous and how to defeat them to avoid unpleasant inconveniences.

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