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Bio postural test: what it is and how it works

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With the collaboration of the team of physical medicine and rehabilitation of the Eremo di Miazzina, dr. Chiappano Giovanni, dr. Mario Cugia and Dr. Copia Marta; let’s find out more about the bio postural test.

The position it is in a generic sense, the position of the body in space and the relationship between its own body segments. A correct posture corresponds to the most suitable position of our body in space to implement the antigravity functions with the least energy expenditure, therefore it is essential to take care of it.

The Bio Postural Test is a non-invasive examination carried out using a platform “baropodometrica“And a”podoscan“For the overall postural assessment; these assessments consist of baropodometry exams (study of breech support, distribution of loads on the feet and positioning of the body center of gravity) in statics and dynamics, of stabilometry (assessment of balance) and morphology of the body and foot, the latter by scanning the plantar support to the ground.

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Ldiagnostic framework of the alterations is carried out by studying both the data deriving from instrumental examinations, and from a clinical evaluation of the musculoskeletal system, and the receptor systems (vestibular, mandibular, ocular).

A disturbance to only one of these systems creates “discomfort” to the whole system and consequently to the whole body. There postural assessment it is completed with a computerized biometric evaluation with three-dimensional reconstruction of the column and, which is not negligible, without the use of radiation.

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The best time to take the Bio Postural Test

This examination, not being invasive, can be done both in developmental age and in adulthood, it allows a preventive, curative medical, surgical and, where necessary, rehabilitative intervention. THE Chiappano doctors, Lie and Copy, recommend a first approach towards the age of 6; children in the growth phase often and unconsciously assume wrong postures, which can be re-educated if taken in time and, subsequently, correct.

the wrong postures, if prolonged over time, they can be interpreted by the body as “normal” and difficult to rectify.


How to study posture and with what tools

The exams I am completely non-invasive, accompanied by a unique indexed report in the world called “IBP Bio Postural Index”, Which clearly indicates to the specialist the deviations from the physiology and, not least, facilitates the patient’s understanding of the diagnosis.

It is now clear that the Bio Postural Test investigates a series of problems, recognizable through the support of a series of evaluations:

  • Stabilometrics: the stabilometric examination is performed with open and closed eyes, to evaluate balance disorders, including pressure shifts on the two lower limbs.

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  • Static: carried out through the use of a platform that detects the points of greatest load on the two feet and the position of the projection on the ground of the body center of gravity.
  • Dynamics: this exam analyzes the gait and allows you to evaluate the various phases of the step in succession, displaying the center of pressure of the foot at all times, as well as the load. The images of several consecutive steps offer a complete evaluation of the driving dynamics.
  • Podoscan: scanning of the soles of the feet under load, with computerized reconstruction of the plantar support and the points of greatest pressure.
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On the basis of these evaluations, it is also possible, where there is an indication, to build customized orthopedic insoles.

It is important to know that: this exam is recognized by the SSN through the payment of a ticket.

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