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Biohacking: discover how to rejuvenate body and mind

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Biohacking: discover how to rejuvenate body and mind

Hollywood stars always come first when it comes to trends. From fashion to diets to workouts, they know who to rely on to optimize their physical and mental performance. One of the latest trends, which VIPs and others use, is the biohacking, the science of managing one’s biology. This methodology is based on a multidisciplinary approach which has solid scientific foundations: it also provides, where useful, the use of very advanced technological devices.

What is this discipline and where did it originate?

Biohacking was born in the United States and almost simultaneously in Northern Europe. “It is a set of disciplines and practices, based on so-called “open science” research and protocols. The aim is to maximize the psychophysical performance e optimize health with a view to longevity“, he claims Stefano Santoribiohacker and trainer with thirty years of experience.

How is it put into practice?

Biohacking exploits all the possible levers available to the person, starting from nutritionwithout even forgetting theenvironment, which can be changed from the air you breathe to the light you see. This is why the benefits are seen on the body and mind.

Biohacking: benefits at a gastrointestinal level

The concept of diet in biohacking is therefore very different from the common one. In addition to achieving a healthy weight, many of the benefits of biohacking are also directed towards the gastrointestinal system.

Useful against heartburn, bloating, heaviness and weight gain

They are used in biohacking strategic nutrition systems: different types of food are eaten in different quantities and at different times interspersed with fasting. «They get hired few sugars and only healthy together with other nutrients to reduce glycemic peaks as much as possible and avoid insulin secretion.” The result? «An improvement in gastric health: excess sugars also produce imbalances in the microbiota», explains Santori.

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Combine intermittent fasting with healthy lifestyles

Intermittent fasting must be associated with a correct sleep hygiene, essential for the gastro-intestinal system. «This translates into respecting circadian rhythms, going to always sleep at the same time after at least two or three hours after dinner”, continues the expert.

Nutrition adapts to the type of person

«A classic example could be that of an athlete who in a preparation phase will have a dietary pattern, while on the day of the race another and on the day of recovery an even different one». Some athletes, such as bodybuilders, physiologically need to gain weight and they exist ad hoc nutrition strategies also for this.

A diet that keeps the microbiota in balance

Athletes can take advantage of the positive effects of biohacking to improve their physical and mental condition. Thanks to it, yes raise the level of performance and at the same time the chances of success increase. “Even for those who don’t play sports at a competitive level, biohacking practices allow you to defend the microbiota, on which heartburn also depends.”

Biohacking: improves immune defenses

Biohacking can help deal with the cold season very effectively from various points of view. First of all a healthy microbiota also equates to better immune health and therefore generates a stronger immune capacity, because many of our immune defenses and adaptive system are produced by the intestine.

Cold adaptation practice

«There are also specific practices for adapting to the cold, which allow not only to have high immune boosts and therefore to be even stronger in the face of seasonal ailments, but also to reduce the bill because those who practice biohacking tend to have a cooler house than usual», says the biohacker. Great importance is played by the bedroomwhich should have a lower temperature than usual for promote quality sleep.

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Cold shower to reduce systemic inflammation

The practice of freezing showers foreseen by biohacking consists in using very cold water during the winter, eliminating the hot water for washing. «That means obviously further strengthen our defenseswhile reducing systemic inflammation, inflammation in a broader sense and creating a real boost in resilience and immune defenses”, adds the biohacker.

Biohacking and sleep

Another aspect of primary importance, when talking about biohacking applied to winter, concerns the management of light and circadian rhythms. «These practices ensure that lifestyle is aligned as much as possible with our internal biological clocks. This is crucial because winter brings with it lack of sunlight, more clouds and potential imbalances related to weather conditions.”

Devices for lack of sunlight

The practice of biohacking takes place at home and safely. There are devices that can solve the problem of lack of sunlight in winter. “There are devices such as those with red light similar to infrared, called Red-Light NIR (Near Infrared), which generate a precise spectrum of light that simulates that of the sun and is full of benefits: ranging from the reorganization of the biological clock to that of the pineal gland, responsible for melatonin, up to significant improvements in mood and energy.”

A “natural” alarm clock

Another device that can be used is one that emits a particular light during the morning. There are even timed ones that they create a sort of dawn sending a wake-up message through the eye’s photoreceptors. Then there are tools that protect us on the contrary, because the problem is not only the lack of sunlight, but the widespread use of artificial lights.

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Biohacking: recommended for everyone at any age?

Biohacking is advisable at any age but not in a generalized way, taking into account the state of health. «A typical example is that of cold water: not everyone can immerse themselves in a frozen river, because there are cardiovascular risks. In addition to consulting your doctor, the advice is to start with the thing closest to your lifestyle.” As with physical training techniques, biohacking must also be calibrated to the person: small doses at the beginning, then gradually increasing them and making them optimized from every point of view.

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