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Biotherapies, in Europe Novartis invests 300 million dollars

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Biotherapies, in Europe Novartis invests 300 million dollars

Leaner and focused on biologics. In the new vision of Vas Narasimhan, ceo of Novartis since 2018, there is also the transfer of the Italian headquarters from Origgio to the center of Milan – where we met him at the inauguration – which thus becomes closer to the innovation ecosystem and research.

His vision, ever since he took the lead at Novartis, has been to transform it into a pharmaceutical company powered by data science and digital technologies. After 5 years, what are the results and what is the Novartis strategy focused on today?

Over the past 5 years, the company has committed $ 100 billion in operations to make Novartis one medicine company based on data science and technology. Today the goal is to be one focus medicine company, focused on 5 therapeutic areas. In particular, the R&D data will help us identify new drug opportunities, conduct clinical trials faster and reach patients faster. For 5 years now we have come out of a whole series of areas: from the consumer, from ophthalmology and now also from generics, to focus on gene therapy, RNA, radioligands (produced in Italy) and innovative therapies “.

A few days ago it stated that it is investing millions of dollars in Slovenia and Austria to implement your offices. Are you thinking of investing in Italy too? And what are the criticalities that our country has in encouraging investments by multinational drug companies?

We announced a $ 300 million investment in biotechnology in Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. In Italy there are two main fields of interest: in Torre Annunziata, where we produce small molecules for cardiovascular diseases for the rest of the world, and in Ivrea, where we have the production of radioligands for cancer, especially for the American and European market. . The third field of investment concerns clinical trials and Italy is an extremely important country for us globally. We expect to continue investing in these three areas. I think that in the future, to continue attracting investments, Italy must demonstrate that it supports innovative medicine, with a favorable fiscal and regulatory environment, as well as being attractive to talents.

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