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Black Friday: in Italy the technology market grows by 6%

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Compared to 2020, the surveys carried out by GfK from 22 to 28 November 2021 show a trend positive (+6%) for the most important categories of the Consumer Technology market (including TVs, PCs, Smartphones, Tablets, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Vacuum Cleaners, Printers, etc.). For these products, a equivalent of 492 million euros. As has happened in recent years, many retailers, both physical and online, have been in advance and promotions have started since the beginning of November with important advertising campaigns. This led to a positive trend in the weeks leading up to Black Friday but the demand for technology supported the performance of the most important week of the year. Compared to the value of the average week referring to the last year, that of Black Friday 2021 recorded an increase in sales of +116%.

The best performing sub-funds are the Large household appliance (+ 16%), following from IT and Office (+ 5%), dall’Consumer Electronics (+ 4%) and from Small Appliance (+ 4%). The most important products in terms of turnover are confirmed Smartphone (124 million euros), i TV (€ 107 million) also driven by the Scrapping Bonus linked to the Switch-off and i Portable PCs (53 million euros).

The categories which showed the most relevant growths, compared to the same period last year, they are i Air conditioners (+ 44%), i Core Wearables (+41%), the Dryers (+ 32%) e Audio Systems (+ 23% driven by voice assistants).

The impact of promotional activities in the week of Black Friday it returned to growth compared to the last few years, reaching 46% of volumes sold with a price cut of at least 15%. The multi-platform approach that Italians have adopted since the beginning of last year, which has contributed to the growth of the online channel (+ 1%) and even more than the traditional channel (+ 9%). For the week of Black Friday, online sales contribute 32.7% of revenue from all sales of technology products. Now it remains to be seen whether the chip shortage that continues to slow production of technology products will affect December sales for Christmas purchases.


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by Andrea Nepori, Bruno Ruffilli


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