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BlackBerry is not dead, OnwardMobility promises a new work soon

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BlackBerry only announced a while ago that it would stop system software services, which made many enthusiasts feel embarrassed, but BlackBerrys have not completely disappeared. OnwardMobility, an American start-up company that took over the production of BlackBerrys, finally made a sound recently, saying that the new machine will be launched soon. , and will feature fan-favorite features.

In 2020, OnwardMobility, an American start-up company, was authorized by BlackBerry and will cooperate with Fuzhikang to launch a new BlackBerry in 2021. However, with the arrival of 2022, OnwardMobility has been silent, and BlackBerry has stopped system services. It also makes many BlackBerry fans worry about whether the new machine will sink into the sea.

However, just last week, OnwardMobility issued a statement saying that it was originally expected to launch new products in 2021, but the current difficult situation encountered too many problems, which led to changes in the announcement plan, and will update information and answer questions more frequently, soon There will be good news and the ultimate in secure enterprise and 5G phones, and the return of the fan-favorite keyboard design.

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