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Blanca, a blind person in the police with the advice of Andrea Bocelli

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Joining the police is her dream, but her sight sets a spanner in the works. Indeed, Blanca became blind as a child. Yet, he does not give up and above all he does not cry on himself. The young woman is the protagonist of the television series that begins tonight on Rai 1 entitled Blanca made with the advice of the master Andrea Bocelli. Furthermore, it is the first production in the world to have used holophony, a special sound recording technique that allows it to be reproduced in a way similar to how it is perceived by the human hearing system. In Italy there are over 360,000 blind people and over a million and a half of visually impaired and pluridisables. People in great difficulty because the disability does not allow them to always respect the safety distance from others and because they are forced to self-confinement at home, without the assistance of support volunteers.

Retina Italia onlus, Assia Andrao: “How hard it is to have a retinal dystrophy as a life partner”

by Irma D’Aria

A crime drama for the blind

Blanca, a crime drama freely based on the novel of the same name by Patrizia Rinaldi, tells the extraordinary journey of a young blind woman who has the opportunity to realize the dream she had as a child: to become a police consultant. Blanca, played by Maria Chiara Giannetta, is a lively, sunny and vitalistic character, capable of playing down everything, starting from her condition. Sure, he’s only gotten a six-month internship so far. And in the police station he will have to clash with the distrust of new bosses and colleagues, in a male-dominated and somewhat retrograde working environment. He will have to relate to Commissioner Bacigalupo, who is only interested in getting to retirement without too many problems, and to Inspector Liguori, the son of a fallen nobleman and an unscrupulous lawyer. To win the trust of both of them, Blanca will have to demonstrate that she can make an original contribution to the investigations, thanks to her skills in decodage, that is, the ability to analyze in telephone calls and wiretapping sounds and noises that escape a less developed hearing than hers.

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Traveling alone with a visual impairment

by Irma D’Aria

From weakness to strength

In short, Blanca managed to make her lack her strength. The girl lost her sight when she was little more than a child, in a dramatic fire in which her older sister died. On that occasion, his testimony had been decisive in identifying the culprit and restoring justice, the only comfort in the first period of his blindness. Since then he has come a long way: he has learned to move with the help of his faithful guide dog Linnaeus, to orient himself in the dark, to read deeply the tactile, sound and olfactory stimuli, to reconstruct spaces and points of reference in his mind. When something from your surroundings catches your attention it is as if you enter a “black room”, where you isolate the sound produced by a thing or a person, while everything else disappears. This is because sight is often distracting, while not seeing you can go faster to the heart of things, people, situations. These are qualities that appear to be real superpowers, but which Blanca paradoxically must unleash in order to be a normal girl.

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by Irma D’Aria

Bocelli’s advice

To make Blanca even more special, the Master’s double advice Andrea Bocelli: the Maestro not only described the ‘world of the blind’ to the screenwriters, but also gave our protagonist a little training. The fundamental lesson transmitted by the Master was to face the challenges of every day with a “fighting” spirit, struggling to live a condition of “normality”, remembering, for example, that since he was a child he learned to ride a bicycle and on horseback and, as an adult, even jumping with a parachute. No compassion for his condition, but a great desire to make it, teasing himself when needed with a great dose of self-irony, character traits that are also fundamental to Blanca’s character.

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In addition to being innovative in terms of content, Blanca is also the first television series to have used a special sound recording technique, holophony, which allows it to be reproduced in a similar way to how it is perceived by the human hearing system: listening to the series with simple headphones, for the viewer it will be like being in Blanca’s place, hearing how she feels and rebuilds the world. A real novelty in the panorama of television productions. In the cast, in addition to Maria Chiara Giannetta, Giuseppe Zeno, Pierpaolo Spollon. The series is directed by Jan Maria Michelini and will be broadcast on six evenings from Monday 22 November in prime time on RAI 1.


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