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“Blocked at the airport, wet swords and flooded gym” – breaking latest news

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from Flavio Vanetti

Even the Olympic swordswoman in Rio 2016 involved on her return from Rome. “Three hours refugee at the airport, anxiety for my father who was in the car and skipped training”

The bag with the swords soaked in rain, the gym where fencing is flooded and impassable. Rossella Fiamingo’s return to Catania, a two-time world champion as well as an Olympic silver medalist in Rio 2016 and a team bronze medalist in Tokyo last summer, was a real nightmare.

«I trained in Rome for a few days and on Monday 25 October I should have returned. But all flights diverted to Palermo, Lamezia Terme, Ragusa: the Catania airport was closed. I gave up, intending to try again the next day. The flights on Tuesday 26th seemed regular, so I took courage and left ». But at that point the troubles began: «The journey was peaceful, butCatania was again in the storm
and we had to wait 40 minutes in the sky before we could land ». The Fontanarossa airport, however, was simply ghostly and water came in from everywhere. “When the bags arrived, they were soaked. I took refuge for three hours in the office of a friend who works there, with a lot of apprehension for my father who was blocked on the street by the flood ».

Something never seen in Catania («At most, rains similar to monsoons arrive, but they don’t last long; instead it is a constant storm and there seems to be no sign of ending») And an even more complicated scenario because the recent eruption of Etna has caused the ash to become mud. «The highway to Taormina is also in bad shape. When a friend managed to take me home I felt like I was on a ship ». The other nasty surprise Rossella had when she learned that the gym was flooded and impractical: “The training was skipped, I hope to be able to resume as soon as possible because the World Cup will restart in November ». The blue champion posted photos and reflections on Instagram, her favorite social network. But he has something to add: «I think of those who died and those who suffered serious damage. After all, it went well for me ».

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