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Blood pressure is checked (also) at the table

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Two out of ten Italians have the pressure that travels on values ​​that are close to the recommended limits. That is, they have normal-high blood pressure. They are therefore in a kind of limbo: they should not focus on drugs, unless the doctor deems it necessary for specific conditions. So if there are no particular risk factors that may indicate antihypertensive treatment, to keep the values ​​under control, we focus exclusively on good habits and lifestyles. Thus begins the challenge that is not lost. If the maximum pressure goes from 130 to 140 millimeters of mercury and the minimum travels towards 90, in fact, there can be a modest increase in cardiovascular risk. This situation must be carefully considered and it is necessary that each of us put in place all the good habits that can favor a control of blood pressure.

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Pressure to the limits? Here’s what to do

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The golden rules for dealing with normal-to-high blood pressure are simple. And within everyone’s reach. It is necessary to stop smoking, since every cigarette that is smoked causes a vasoconstriction, that is, it makes the caliber of the vessels narrow; fight stress and overweight. We must also remember to do regular physical activity, which helps to reduce blood pressure. At the table it is not enough to act on the front of reducing calories if in excess. Salt must be reduced, since sodium tends to keep liquids in the blood by increasing pressure, consume fruit and vegetables, choose the most suitable fats, starting with those contained in extra virgin olive oil and fish. But what matters is making healthy choices and maintaining them over time, also taking advantage of the action of compounds present in food that can help us feel better on the pressure front.

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