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Blood sugar, this is the trick to keeping it at bay beyond nutrition

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Blood sugar, this is the trick to keeping it at bay beyond nutrition

Nutrition is not the only weapon to keep blood sugar levels at bay, some remedies can be really effective for this purpose

One of the fundamental aspects to stay healthy and keep blood sugar levels low is certainly a healthy diet. Eating healthy foods does really good to our body by contrasting diseases and preventing aging.

Instruments for detecting blood sugar – Newsabruzzo

A diet with the right nutrients and the right caloric intake ensures that our body responds well to internal and external stimuli. Introduce one high amount of fat, carbohydrates or calories can really mess with our metabolism. For this reason we need to pay attention to the labels and the content of what we eat, but a healthy and balanced diet is not the only one capable of preventing diabetes and keeping blood sugar levels stable.

Against blood sugar it is necessary to get going and rely on a healthy run

Indeed, a well-balanced diet alone is not enough to counteract high blood sugar levels. Sport is certainly an ally to take into consideration. Specifically, it has been found that running helps in this case to keep blood sugar levels low.

To keep blood sugar levels low – according to researchers from theUuniversity of Leiden, in the Netherlands – it would be enough to run at a specific moment of the day. This is because we need to point out one aspect. The hormonal peak is different at every hour of the day. Different hormones rise at certain times of the day.

Playing sports to counteract high blood sugar: at what time?

Precisely for this reason, running after 6 pm would be more suitable for counteracting high blood sugar levels and preventing the onset of a serious problem such as diabetes. The above study was published on Diabetesthe journal of the European Association for Diabetes Studies.

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It would seem that with advancing age, our body’s ability to counteract increases in glycemic values ​​decreases.

Here's how to lower blood sugar
Blood sugar, running as an ally to lower it – Newsabruzzo

In the evening there would be one less resistance blood insulin. 6,600 people aged between 45 and 65 with a body mass index greater than 26, therefore overweight, were involved in the study.

The band who trained in the evening, among the participants, found, through blood chemistry tests, a greater reaction to insulin with a lower rise and greater control of the same glycemic values.

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