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Bloomberg confirms: Apple’s car set to debut in 2025

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Apple is accelerating the development of the self-driving car below the new manager, Kevin Lynch: the Bloomberg website reports, according to which the goal would be to debut the first model in 2025.

Several times, CEO Tim Cook has hinted at Apple’s interest in the automotive sector, going so far as to argue in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that it will be not only “an evolution, but an epochal change”. In November 2016, the company filed formal request to the US road safety agency (Nhtsa) to develop a car capable of moving independently. More: he asked the authorities to guarantee a “correct competence” between the newcomers (them) and the giants of the automotive sector (Tesla or General Motors). In an odd direct statement, an Apple spokesperson long ago confirmed that the company is working on an autonomous system that can be used to “transform the future of the transportation system” by leveraging artificial intelligence. Cupertino also spoke of “significant benefits to humanity of automatic vehicles“, Described as” technologies that can save lives and potentially prevent millions of car accidents that cause thousands of deaths every year “.


Three incredible technologies of the Tesla Model S Plaid

by Emanuele Capone

The assumptions
Apple hired Manfred Harrer, vice president of Porsche with responsibility for Chassis development, which in the past was also responsible for the Cayenne operation. An assumption, that of Harrer (with Porsche since 2007), which seems to suggest Apple’s intention to intervene directly on the chassis as well. Perhaps even more significant is the announcement (a few months ago) that the hardware manager of Apple, Dan Riccio, will leave the job to John Ternus to devote himself full time to a “new project”. In Cupertino parlance, this is how the company unofficially announces a new product category. For the well-known analyst of Tf Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will outsource parts production and assembly to auto manufacturers with whom it will make deals. Electric vehicles contain about 40-50 times more parts than a smartphone, the analyst noted, suggesting that Apple will need to rely on the resources of automakers if it hopes to create a functional car in a reasonable time.

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Tim Cook’s company it will not be able to rely on a supply chain at the outset dedicated, as it did for example for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

For companies
According to as Cnbc wrote, Apple could debut a completely autonomous vehicle designed to operate without a human driver, intended not for individual consumers, but for taxi firms, companies, institutions, and perhaps delivery services, which are already a reality in the US. The Cupertino electric car would therefore be used mainly in the city and would not immediately enter into direct competition with Tesla (which, however, has recently announced an agreement for a hundred thousand cars for rental with Hertz).

In 2019, Apple bought car kit startup Drive.ai, acquiring dozens of employees, cars and other assets to add to the autonomous vehicle development team. Project Titan. Earlier it had signed an agreement with Volkswagen to convert a number of T6 Transporter vans into autonomous shuttles for the Palo Alto to Infinite Loop pilot program.

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Mattia Eccheli, Bruno Ruffilli

Again first
Following the publication of the Bloomberg news, the Cupertino company’s stock reached $ 157.13 (+ 2.4%), a record price. And so today Apple’s capitalization is $ 2585 billion, which allows it to return to being the most valuable company in the world, ahead of Microsoft. The company founded by Bill Gates has in turn updated its record today to 342.45 dollars: with the stock up by 0.63% to 341.27 dollars, the company has a capitalization of 2562 billion dollars.

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