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Blue Microphones Proline XLR professional series is dedicated to Taiwan, superstars love to use it! 10/15 Blue online mini concert “Sounding Extraordinary” super strong casts gather to sing online! -Apple kernel

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LogitechLogitech’s top well-known professional microphone brand in the United StatesBlue Microphones,Founded in1995In 2009, with the subversion of traditional acoustic technology, a series of top-notch microphones with the world’s highest sound quality and unique appearance were created, which not only won the world music equipment many timesMIPATECGrand prizes, and also won music superstars such asColdplayMaroon 5StingBruno Marsuse.Blue MicrophonesIn addition to the world’s best-sellingUSBIn addition to the microphone, a classic series of professional-grade, high-quality sound is created for professionalsXLRThe microphone is also loved by all walks of life, officially announced the launch of the professional top in TaiwanProline XLRThe series of products allow consumers to experience the sound quality of the legendary recording studio no longer out of reach!

Blue MicrophonesCreate top-notch, high-quality sound for professionalsProline XLRSeries microphones are loved by the world’s superstars

With the rise of the global live broadcast culture with fever, the demand for “sound presentation” of the audience, listeners or performers themselves has entered a new level, and the top microphones of the studio level are also popular with Podcaster, live broadcasters, personal creators or music Loved by the family. Blue Microphones launched the professional Proline XLR series products in Taiwan, including Spark SL, Bluebird SL, Baby Bottle SL three large-diaphragm studio condenser microphones, all equipped with 100 Hz high-pass filter (High-Pass Filter) and -20dB The signal attenuation (Pad) and cardioid radio mode not only can sensitively capture the human voice, reproduce the original sound and present excellent details, but also can more meticulously and accurately grasp the sound characteristics, making the recording applicability more extensive. Each product has the characteristic of deductive sound, which makes the details of the performance come to life!

From recording studios to live broadcasts, Blue Microphones Proline XLR series microphones have been trusted and chosen by top artists and studios around the world for more than 20 years. And now, many elite Podcaster, game teams, and Twitch® broadcasters in the world also use the Blue Proline XLR series to achieve professional-level audio performance, presenting unique live performance effects, Podcast programs and YouTube video quality, and enhancing creative content Competitiveness.

▲The rise of global fever live broadcast culture, the top microphones in recording studios are highly anticipated by Podcaster, live broadcasters, individual creators or musicians. The Blue Proline XLR series of products provide legendary recording studios with top sound presentations, making creators even more outstanding.

Blue Proline XLRSeries launch announcement and online mini concert・Select your “extraordinary voice”

In order to allow more users to find a microphone suitable for their own voice, and to better understandBlue MicrophonesProfessional topProline XLRSeries product features.10moon15dayBlue MicrophonesWill be held Blue“Uncommon Sound” Online Mini Concert X Blue Proline XLR The series of products were released on the market, and Mr. Ahuo, the music director of the King of the Forest, was invited to supervise the production, leading the super-strength Pai Cast online to sing, and match it withBlue Proline XLRThe series of products will take you through the sound environment, understand the difference between the sound and the movement, and choose the microphone that suits you!

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▲Blue Proline series product launch and online mini concert will be held on October 15th, leading the audience to learn about the characteristics of Proline XLR and choose a professional microphone that suits them best

Blue Proline XLRThe series has its own characteristics, from outstanding vocals, ideal timbre to classic atmosphere, presenting the ultimate professional quality

Blue Microphones Proline XLR series products each have sound quality processing features. Spark SL can present delicate and transparent sound quality, which is very suitable for podcasting, Twitch game live broadcast and YouTube video production; Bluebird SL can present crystal clear modern sound quality, suitable for all types Vocal performances and musical instruments, especially guitar and piano performances; Baby Bottle SL has warm timbre and presence characteristics, which can be used for various vocal types, musical instruments including guitars, jazz drums, brass instruments, stringed instruments, pianos, etc. and the environment, is indispensable The professional equipment.

Spark SLLarge-diaphragm recording studio condenser microphone, presenting delicate and transparent sound quality

Blue Microphones Spark SL can bring professional studio-level sound into creation through professional XLR connections and multi-function switches. The large-diaphragm cardioid capacitor receiver head and JFET electronic equipment can provide excellent details and full harmonic audio, with excellent sound processing capabilities, clear with excellent sound details and rich recording details as its characteristics, hand-made special There is a cardioid pointing to the large diaphragm, which brings a super delicate and concentrated sound. Using -20dB signal attenuation (Pad) can make the sound clear and crisp, even if the desktop makes noise or low-frequency noise, activate the 100 Hz high-pass filter (High-Pass Filter) to start recording without obstruction.

The unique JFET design ensures that the back plate of the receiver head is evenly charged and always provides consistent, detailed and transparent sound. Spark SL has a finely designed Class A circuit that can maintain a pure signal, reproduce the original sound, and present a studio-quality sound that shocks the audience; it is suitable for Podcaster, Twitch game live broadcast and YouTube video production.

▲Spark SL can bring the fine and transparent sound of the studio level into personal sound creation, suitable for Podcaster, game live broadcast and YouTube video production

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Bluebird SL Large-diaphragm recording studio condenser microphone, presenting crystal-clear modern sound quality

Blue Microphones Bluebird SLImprovementSince the originalBluebirdThe microphone sets the top standard for modern recording microphones. It not only provides original sound reproduction and highly versatile sound, but also has high-pitched clarity extension, smooth midrange, suitable for any vocal or musical instrument characteristics, and makes every detail of the performance come to life.Bluebird SL have100 Hz High-Pass Filterwith-20dB signal attenuation (Pad), It can capture colorful vocal performances, and express the real sounds of guitars and pianos with clearer midrange and deep bass.

▲Set the top standard for modern recording microphones, with extended treble clarity, stable midrange, suitable for any vocal or musical instrument characteristics, and make every detail of the performance come to life.

Each component of Bluebird SL has been specially designed to provide a modern, clear tone. The hand-built proprietary cardioid pointing sound head uses an exquisite gold-plated polyester film diaphragm, which can produce excellent resonance at higher frequencies and is helpful for vocal mixing. The carefully crafted back panel ensures a balanced sound throughout the entire spectrum. The fine-grained Class A circuit greatly improves the accuracy of the sound. Suitable for all types of vocal performances and musical instrument performances, especially guitar and piano. Bluebird SL is a unique microphone suitable for various performances. It has a built-in switchable 100 Hz High-Pass Filter and -20dB signal attenuation (Pad), which can flexibly track the nuances and power of various sound sources. Capture the singer’s unique voice characteristics and get amazing details!

▲Many elite Podcaster and game Twitch® broadcasters in the world also use the Proline series to obtain professional-grade audio performance, present unique live performance effects, and enhance the competitiveness of creative content.

Baby Bottle SLLarge-diaphragm recording studio condenser microphone, classic warm tone and sense of presence

Blue Microphones Baby Bottle SL can provide classic sound and amazing versatility. It is a cardioid condenser top microphone with full midrange, smooth treble and natural warm bass, reminiscent of the best in the world Vintage microphone. With 100 Hz High-Pass Filter and -20dB signal attenuation (Pad), Baby Bottle SL can add a full, classic atmosphere to any sound source. Based on the successful foundation of the original Baby Bottle, the SL model adds more refined detail processing, a new streamlined structure and multi-function options, which can capture the true characteristics of the sound and achieve an unforgettable performance.

The soul and dazzling features of Baby Bottle SL come from Blue’s proprietary hand-tuned receiver head. The sturdy gold-plated polyester film diaphragm is designed with a machine-processed brass back plate to create its unique “warmth”. 」This is also the origin of the name Baby Bottle SL. The classic Class A fine circuit makes it the quietest microphone in its class. Baby Bottle SL is equipped with a new switchable 100 Hz high-pass filter (High-Pass Filter) and -20dB signal attenuation (Pad), no matter what type of sound, instrument or environment, it can maintain a pure sound. Whether it is recording real singers, magnificent guitar amplifiers, drums and brass instruments, or recording detailed vocals, strings or piano, it can present a perfect masterpiece.

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Baby Bottle SLBoth the soul and the dazzling points of the show come from the ability to create its unique “warmth”, and the human voice and music can present a perfect masterpiece.

Baby Bottle SL It is suitable for the use of various musical instruments to keep the pure sound and full audio of the instrument.

More product information and sales channels:

Launch of Blue Proline series products and online mini concert of “Uncommon Voice”: premiered online on “Blue Microphones Chinese Page” at 20:00 on October 15

Logitech official shopping site: please click here

Blue Microphones activity channel website: please click here

For more information, please link to the Blue Microphones official website, or interact with it through Facebook.

About Blue Microphones

Blue Microphone was established in the United States in 1995 to subvert traditional acoustic technology to create a series of top-notch microphones and professional headphones with the world’s highest sound quality and unique appearance. It is the top well-known professional microphone brand in the United States. Not only won the world music equipment MIPA and TEC awards many times, and won the music superstars: Coldplay, Maroon 5, Sting, Bruno Mars, Jacky Cheung, etc., but also in line with the trend of the music world to use Apple computers to record, release the first USB professional microphone in history, and extend it The product line is used in remote conferences, home recording, outdoor radio, and achieves BLUE’s unshakable position in sound engineering! In addition to being known as the best-selling USB microphone in the global consumer market, it also creates a series of professional-grade, high-quality XLR microphones for professionals, providing more high-quality choices.

About Logitech

Logitech, as the world’s leading brand, has stepped into the creation of multiple computer operation and entertainment communication platform products, leading the people to experience a rich digital life. Logitech combines hardware equipment and software resources to enhance personal digital browsing, audio-visual entertainment, gaming life, social networking, network audio-visual communication, image monitoring, and home entertainment control. Founded in 1981, Logitech is a Swiss holding company, with LOGN listed on the SWX Swiss Exchange and LOGI on the Nasdaq National Market System in the United States. The seven major brands under the Logitech Group include: Logitech, Logitech G, ASTRO Gaming, Streamlabs, Ultimate Ears, Jaybird and Blue Microphones.

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